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Fornost Arnor-The Death Of A Rose

British Dark Progressive Metal band FORNOST ARNOR, with their latest offering, THE DEATH OF A ROSE have received appreciation as well as criticism from many. Some appreciate their dark atmospheric elements & their experimentations with the music. While others condemn their music of being too OPETH-ly, creating a split of minds among the listeners. Though none of the accusations or appreciations are untrue, I found their album to be more on the thumbs-up side. Read on to find out why?


Five Finger Death Punch-American Capitalist

Love them, Hate them – they will be going with evil grins to their bank accounts. Three albums old and these guys have made a mark and probably a new genre in the Metal scene. Touted as “modern metallers” , their approach focuses on mainstream melody packed with realist lyrics and quintessential Metal elements. So, let's get into AMERICAN CAPITALIST as of now!


White Beryl To Release Debut E.P Incredulous In February

White-Beryl News_2012

WHITE BERYL is on the verge of releasing their first ever E.P named - INCREDULOUS consisting of 5 songs. It revolves around a person’s mind and how it deals with different situations in life. One song by our E.P album is released for promotion purposes named DOUCHEBAG, to listen just check out our Soundcloud or Reverbnation page.


Download: Blackheart's Debut EP, Anti-corruption Online

Blackheart Download

BLACKHEART, the Chandigarh, Haryana based Groovecore/Deathcore band is finally out with their debut EP, ANTI-CORRUPTION which is also made available for "Free Download" for the fans online! So, what are you waiting for?

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