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Interview: Abhimanyu Negi(ABRAXAS)

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You take one look at the insane solos, drum-beats and the growling and you know this is a band you just CANNOT ignore! Say hello to ABRAXAS from Pune, whose brand of Melodic Death Metal music is fast catching the ears of metalheads across the country! Their extremely aggressive, intense and mind-blasting performances led them to win the revered RAIT Unchained soon after their formation in September 2008, and the National Finals of Campus Rock Idols Edition 5 leading them to open for heavy metal giants IRON MAIDEN at Rock in India, merely 2 months after their formation, alongside bands such as CYANIDE SERENITY, DE PROFUNDIS, SLAIN and PARIKRAMA. The band has since performed in Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Cherrapunjee, Manipal, Hyderabad and Goa and stamped their presence strong, in the metal scene in the country! This is Abhimanyu Singh Negi, lead guitarist of ABRAXAS, in a candid chat with us about metal, music, Maiden, and ofcourse - ABRAXAS!


Gig Review: Scribe & Abraxas-Live @ DA-IICT University(Gujarat)


Ok, so I’d finally gotten SCRIBE and ABRAXAS confirmed for their gig here in the DAIICT campus on the 27th February 2011, and I was pretty confident that the combo would be perfect for the metal-crazy crowd here in Gujarat. Seeing that this was the first time SCRIBE would be playing here, there was going to be a huge turnout.  Then, after getting about 1200 attendees on the FaceBook page for the event and looking at the enthusiasm of the people, I was sure this gig would be huge. The gig started at 10.30 pm on that day. By 1 am, the crowd had slumped into varying levels of madness and Vishwesh from SCRIBE was left panting and shouting out to the crowd about how crazy they’d been.

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