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Motherjane-The Masked Crusaders


MOTHERJANE has been around for a while now. I heard MINDSTREET and fell in love with the song right away. And once I like a song, it has to go and on and on for the whole day. Sometimes it could go on for a few days. There comes a point in my day when I actually need the song like water and get cranky if I don't get it. Crazy I know, but that is what music can do to you, and good music at that. Hope all of you have experienced that at some point of time in your lives. Of course co existing with this is always the ever popular dullard music which just makes you want to pull your hair off. Bottom line, MOTHERJANE was a success with me from the very first minute. The crazy Indian zing in their music combined with some amazing progressive riffs makes it difficult for anyone to dislike their music.

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