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Gingerfeet-High And Above

While the rest of the country has seamlessly integrated into modern rock and harder forms of metal music, I can easily bet on a truth- when it comes to rock music of the 1970s and 1980s, East India still rules. And this has been proved over and over again with a large number of bands from this section of the country,coming to the forefront with their brand of glam-rock. And they never disappoint. People with an ear for Mr. Big, Extreme, Extreme, Guns N Roses still turn to cities like Shillong, Kohima, Guwahati, Darjeeling and Kolkata. It seems musicians here know their substance in and out, which is why when I first came across Gingerfeet's debut album 'High and Above', I was brimming with expectations. Naturally, they did not disappoint. Led by the finest of musicians in their own departments, this tight unit has churned out a memorable album that can easily be regarded as one of the best in recent times in non-metal categories. 


High and Above progresses very slyly through your conscience. It builds on you as you listen to one amazing track after another. At no point would you find any resemblance with any glam artist that you grew up listening to. Rather, you will find traces of them so intricately rendered that you'll be left marveled. Quite often you will come across bands comprising of amazing musicians, who cannot actually come up with something worthy together as a band. Well, this is one of the few instances where you get a feeling of perfection with each member contributing as per their excellent merits in the correct proportions. Peppy basslines, which is something that really stand out in the album, along with befitting guitar pieces and seamless drumming give the vocalist enough material to build on. And he rips his heart out in each of the tracks, specially when you consider how difficult it is to sing songs of this kind. 


Gingerfeet has branded their album as being Alternative/Funk and they are being modest. This is a treasured piece of art that transcends genres and time-frames. You can figure out the influences in their songs coming from Extreme, RHCP, Incubus, Mr. Big, Van Halen and even RATM but unlike elsewhere, these influences wont glare at you. You have to be an avid listener of these bands to actually be able to figure them out, and full points to Gingerfeet for achieving this. 'Am I Dreaming or What?', 'High and Above' and 'Stars' stand out among the rest. What really impressed me throughout the album were the flamboyant guitar solos-jazzy, flashy and masterful, and they complemented the high-pitched vocals so delicately. The riffs are well crafted-weird but never complicated. Full points go to the drumming-the dynamics and the switches are absolutely brilliant, and no wonder he's being hailed as one of the finest in the country now. The bass-line  couldn't be better, and it easily lifts the essence of the songs much higher. Vocals is of the highest quality, with a enviable texture that easily pulls off grunge/glam songs. Mastering has been very good but the album art may not seem too appealing though. 'Game On' has been punched in as a bonus track and this track was actually very significant in their significant rise up the ladder before coming up with this album. Winning Hornbill and Hard Rock Rising(India) don't come easy and they had done it back to back. The only downside of the album that can be said, is that almost all the tracks start off more or less on the same scale and they did not experiment much with the starting note,which again, very few bands do. It doesn't get monotonous as you listen over and over again, but yes, the structuring of the songs is such that you might just be able to predict what's going to come next. 


Although I'm personally all praises for this album, still it's not absolute. You need to have an affinity for this particular brand of rock music. The music is rich and layered with a lot of elements that will specially appeal to those who play instruments themselves. Starting off with a top-notch debut album is just the requisite for a smooth journey ahead, and they need to capitalize on this to edge out the competition in the future.


Ginger Is The Flavour This Summer!


Gingerfeet Hard Rock Rising Story

Knowing them:

Gingerfeet is this five-piece super group from the city of joy, and as quoted by the RollingStone Magazine, is a funk/alt rock band adhering to original music. Gingerfeet is a culmination of members of three very well known bands from the east - Cynical Recess [Kolkata], Still Waters[Gangtok] and DamageEra[Darjeeling] and it promises to be one of India's brightest hopes when it comes to represent their genre of music in the global scene.


The band got together sometime late 2012,there was no shiz and jazz about the line up. Allegedly, they just had a jam once and decided to go for the kill.The band comprises of  Abhishek Gurung[Vocals], Abhinandan Mukherjee[Drums], Vedanta RajBareily[Lead Guitar] from Cynical Recess, Lokes Magar[Bass] from Still Waters and Dibya RajMukhia[Guitars] from DamageEra.


The sound of the band is very fresh and unique and promises to be something very new in the present global music scene. Gingerfeet has over 10 originals already and is working on their debut album to be released by August-September 2013.


Achievements so far:

The first time Gingerfeet took the stage as a band was in December 2012 at the prestigious Hornbill National Rock Contest, Nagaland which is considered to be the biggest rock contest in India and for the record emerged as winners by bagging the best band along with best bassist award after the likes of Indigo Children [2011] and Slain [2010].


"The experience at Hornbill Festival was out of the world as we played in front of 15,000 screaming fans singing/jumping along with our tunes.Its an experience,bands dream to have,we are completely overwhelmed to have won Hornbill Rock Contest at the  first go as many bands dream to achieve this platform for years." 


In March 2013,Gingerfeet was shortlisted for Hard Rock Rising 2013 - the global battle of the bands competition organized by Hard Rock Cafe - International chain of pubs in which the band emerged as all India winners and now will be representing India in the global scene.


At the moment, Gingerfeet is among the top 85 bands selected from all over the world to compete at Hard Rock Rising Global Finale in London this June. The screening of the top 3 bands will be done through online voting with each download of their song counting as one vote.


The band opens up about their Hard Rock Rising experience:

"Gingerfeet had their debut pub gig at Hard Rock Cafe,Hyderabad - Thanks to Hard Rock Rising 2013. We were very much pumped up about our debut and it did turn out to be a great one,we never really expected so much of support in Hyderabad being the only out-station band taking part in the competition. We won the qualifiers and then geared up for the grand finale scheduled after three weeks."


"The grand finale was awesome fun,we met really cool bands -  Eagle Riders and Luminum, who were the other two finalists from Hyderabad. After a great competition,Gingerfeet were declared winners of Hard Rock Rising India and now will be representing India to the world."


"It was a fantastic experience overall,Hard Rock Cafe,Hyderabad was a great hosts and we had a great time there especially when it comes to hogging the Hard Rock Cafe 10oz Burger.On the other hand, the drummer of Eagle Riders Bobby[A veteran drummer from Hyderabad] gifted a Mapex double bass pedal to Gingerfeet's drummer Abhinandan."


"We had a great competition in the finals as we battled out with two of the most established bands from South India - Eagle Riders and Luminum. The crowd response was ecstatic,we never really expected so much of support in Hyderabad as it was our debut gig, following the qualifiers we had a greater response during the finals as some of the crowd had a glimpse of Ginger in the preliminary rounds. Overall it was awesome fun..seriously AWESOME!! And it really feels great to have such amazing fan base out side your home turf. Cant wait to play gigs in the other cities now."


"We did party hard that night after we were declared winners especially when we were told to get our passports ready..haha. We had a day off in Hyderabad  before we came to Kolkata,so we ventured out the next day with some crazy Go-Karting Race with a doze of some amazing Hydeabadi Biriyani.


Thats probably the only post win celebrations we had coz we immediately hit the studios after we landed back in Kolkata."


Immediate Plan of Action: 

"Gingerfeet is recording their debut album and we are in the studio at the moment. 50% of the work is already in good shape."


Their new single called " Stars " will be up for voting and free download now as it will be THE song representing Gingerfeet in the global scene of Hard Rock Rising 2013.


"So we expect all you guys to download and taste the Ginger.About gigs,we have already started getting calls from well known pubs across the country and we have a few gigs lined up in May 2013."


"Venturing out in the International scene feels really good,its all lined up in June 2013 so at this moment we are renewing our passports and making more original tunes.We are very excited about how our songs are shaping up and we hope it clicks the audience. It should suffuse black and blue..haha."

Download their latest single 'Stars' and cast them a vote here.


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