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Defaced & Split (Compilation)

ALBUM : DEFACED & SPLIT (Compilation)

PRICE : Rs.200

RATING:  8/10


    "DEFACED & SPLIT",is a quartet split CD comprising of 21 tracks featuring death metal bands like  Exhumation,Narsil, Warface and Reptilian Death adding to this are the two bonus tracks by  Infinite Hate Project .Thanks to "DEMONSTEALER RECORDS" for releasing this remarkable and awesome compilation featuring all the extreme metal projects of India ,which will  brutally murder many of the rotting corpses . The time glanced at the album cover art ,i was so much fascinated that i pasted it's print-out on my walls. Hats off the work done on the album art , even if one is not a metal-head he would add this one into his collection .

     I read about this blood clotting compilation on the internet and could not give anymore pain to my ass,so i just made a move and brought the compilation home . So, here is my journey through the shade of this incredible album . 

    The march towards the unholy death begins with a Mumbai based based band "EXHUMATION's" E.P called "FOR PERSONAL CONSUMPTION ONLY" , i really liked the name of the E.P . In a very simple language, their title speaks it all .According to the band , "FOR PERSONAL CONSUMPTION ONLY" is "An anecdote of a vegetarian cannibal, an animal lover who craves the flesh of beautiful young women that are charmed by his ways, only to end up on skewers as human sizzlers”. Everbody by now, is familiar to "EXHUMATION's" music,they have been doing it quite well all along . And the same thing you can expect with their recent E.P , the savagely cruel growling vocals, speedy flesh butchering guitars with uinteruppted hitting on drums by the monster makes it a necessity to have it in your blood . The music and composition is damn appreciative ,which makes to be partial with "On the platter” and “The House I Built” . Lyrically,the album is boisterously merry. So, be gluttonous to consume it raw ,all in all the album is “100% Gujarati Brutal Death Metal” as quoted by the band itself .

    The next are the carcinogens arriving from New Delhi with their E.P "CARCINOGENIC" , anybody who would have seen their gig would not go for searching the band history,their core music reflects thier influences. Assaulting the circuits of New Delhi with their relentless death metal music,the band had now moved upto the mainstream level. The E.P has a blend of Death and Grincore metal ,which will lead you to rot in the chamber of lepers,reminding me a bit of the band "BERZERKER"."Carcinogenia",Depletion Of Vital Forces" and to some extent "LUGUBRIOUS"are pretty impressive on the vocals ground ,violent guitars and rapid succession on the drums won't let you stop from bleeding . "NARSIL" stands true with its name and has marked its presence in the Indian Metal Scene.

    Coming onto the third band of the compilation is the "WARFACE",an international band . Musically ,they are good ,but the songwriting and composition are not upto the mark . Just have a respect for music and give them a break . May be next time they can do alot more better .

   There comes the "REPTILIAN DEATH", the god's of deception who has always kept Death Metal alive. "Ghouls of war" and “Grasp of the Anaconda” are my favourites that have been featured in the compilation . The band has always been sure with their  anxiously killer guitars, disease infected vocals and their sound quality which makes them unique in their genre . Musically and lyrically ,the band is pretty destructive and will let you to agonize.

    "INFINITE HATE PROJECT", i think everybody if familiar with their track"Fuck The Sena Masters". They have been  added with two off their bonus tracks in the compilation  . The band is influenced with a grindcore essence . The music reflects excessive degree of brutalism,which can bring ascension of terror in the near future . Beware !!!

    "DEFACED & SPLIT", a must buy compilation that will slay and incinerate numerous metalheads . Pick up a copy and get yourself into the vacant grave.


Bottom Line :: An eviscerated and souldevouring compilation for the lambs of perdition . Pay to die !!!

Pravin Prajapati(LordMessiah)

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