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Avial-Suprabathakali: Full HD Malayalam Rock Music Video

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Avial Suprabathakali Music Video

Alternative Malayalam Rock band AVIAL from Trivandrum, Kerala recently had the pleasure to welcome Times Of India in Kerala with their new "Malayalish Rock (Malayalam + English)" song titled SUPRABATHAKALI. Also, this is the first full-length Folk Rock song in ‘Malayalish’ whh was also premiered on Radio Mirchi on 1st February 2012. Watch the music video below!


Interview: Munz(The Down Troddence)

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THE DOWN TRODDENCE is a Kannur-based Metal band comprised of Munz (Vocals), Ganesh (Drums), Sushin (Keys), Varun (Lead Guitar) Rinoy (Rhythm Guitar) and Nezer (Bass). They stormed into the Metal scene in "God's Own Country" with their (killer of a) debut single - DEATH VANITY, and followed through with a series tight gigs to meet the match. The band is now working on a studio album and a music video in an effort to set a higher notch for themselves. I have Munz, who handles vocal duties for the band, with me - sharing the ups and downs of the story so far.


Avial Releases Aana Kallan Preview

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AVIAL recently issued the following band updates:
It was three years back (in 2008) when we released our first album and the music video of NADA NADA which got us your appreciation and especially the love and support which has got us where we are now.


Avial-Self Titled Debut Album




PRICE :: Rs.157

RATING :: 8/10


    Yeah , you heard it right ! "AVIAL" , is a malyali rock band coming from the southern core of Kerala , Trivandrum(India) . After hearing to all those common english puking bands , i wanted to hear some original music that could easily enter my blood and make me headbang . I asked one of my friend to refer me some new and soul original stuff that i could listen too .

    The first thing which came out from my mouth was "WHAAAAAAT" , when he informed me about "AVIAL" , a regional language based "MALLU ROCK BAND" . In the same manner as you got shocked, even i was after hearing that , but at the same time was much eager to know and hear them what they derived from their regional language with all their experiences .I brought a copy of their recent debut album and i just thought of hitting my ears with the noise of Kearala's shore . All my desperation came of being worth and here is ,what i found about their endless music . If i have to say something about them , i would really be short of words to define about what their music is composed of . They are exceptional, they possess the potential to change the whole music scene and can inspire several other regional bands to achieve their dreams . They made the genre "MALLU ROCK" came into existence , which i think is quite a big achievement for any band . One would really think before starting such a project , but they made things so very easy & clear . So,here's the delicacy and i am sure you gonna love this ! So here is the best eponymous rock album with an blend of all music genres with amalgamation of "INDO WORLD FOLK ROCK",embedded in each of the eight songs ."Politically-aware and ideologically driven", thats how "RAVE" magazine described Malayali rock band "AVIAL". The moment i started listening to them , i was just carried away by their music . I was not able to catch up with their malyali lyrics , so i started digging the meaning on my virtual world ,as it reflected a sense of awareness and were quite intense . The mixing done by the band is just upto the perfection and because they hold their ground only with the music they have even acquired many global listeners too . So, altogether they have come up with a very unique and heavy-hitting sound which will drive you insane .

    To start with the album's journey , i still remeber the first song which i heard about them was "NADA NADA" , a song which every rock listener has to fall in love with . A total hard - rock kind of stuff to headbang and the best part is the video of the song , i am sure everyone might be having it uptil now no need of describing it . "AADU PAMBE" & "ARANDA" are some of the other tracks which are heavy with all those guitar riff's and masterpiece work done on the drums . I really love the way the track "AADU PAMBE" goes with all those up's & down's , the composition & vocal's are just far beyond imagination . Not to forget the center of attraction of the album with two original folk song "CHEKELE" & "ARIKURUKA" , if you like folk music these are just the best one's to enjoy . "NJAN AARA" , is one of my favourite in the album next to "NADA NADA" & "AADU PAMBE". This album is truly self - propelled with creativity through all their journey which makes it unique and outstanding unlike other albums you would have heard before .

    I really appreciate the hardwork done on the composition & music part beacuse this is what will count for the global listeners becauseeven they won't understand what lyrically they want to speak , but their music will make their ears addicted to listen only to"AVIAL". Lastly ,i would even like to thanks "PHAT-PHISH" records for realeasing their debut album by giving them a platform and even making us listen to a very beautiful album . So,do pick a copy to beleive all these lines , i am sure you would scribble more than me praising "AVIAL" . Don't even dare to miss this one !!!

    Will be waiting desperately for the next thunderstorm to arrive .

Bottom line :: There is much more to listen and undrestand than what i have scribbled .


Pravin Prajapati(LordMessiah)

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