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Third Sovereign Releases First Teaser For Documentary

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Third Sovereign_Documentary

On 23rd October 2011 the first teaser for the upcoming documentary "Everlasting Burn" is released, this teaser is part of a series of five teasers which will be released before the final release, sometime in the month of December. The film is based on the legendary Death Metal band THIRD SOVEREIGN who have gained a lot of respect in the scene due to their prowess as musicians a well as being one of the most visceral Death Metal acts in the country. The first teaser shows band playing at The Mezz when it was still at its prime before shutting down.


Leaving home - Indian ocean

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As we all of us know that "Leaving Home" a documentry film based on India's most famous band Indian Ocean.Starting with the details of the film;Leaving Home - The Life and Music of Indian Ocean’ is a first of its kind feature film to get a theatrical release in India.The movie is directed by filmmaker Jaideep Varma talks about the fusion rock band member’s trial and tribulation, struggle and survival.

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