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Hindustani Classical Music: Benign, Bold And Boisterous...Yet Forgotten?

Hindustani Classical Music

In an attempt to understand the complexity of Hindustani Classical music, I write to discover it's potential and paradigms in the socio-cultural environment. What you are going to read are monologues of my attempts to follow musicians at work, to rediscover ragas that go unheard.


1st Imphal Metal Convention (2012)- Live @ YAC Ground (Imphal)

The 1st Imphal Metal Convention which was held on the 14th April 2012 at YAC ground, Imphal (Manipur), was not just a music concert where popular bands come and play. It was a convention where senior musicians were invited and a photo exhibition of yesteryears Rock bands of Manipur took place apart from the conventional Rock concert. It also marked the official reunion of Post Mark after 18 years, which pioneered the Metal scene with their album Stamp On You, that was released sometime in late 80's/ early 90's.

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