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G2 Live Released Debut Album Khadki Station Blues

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G2 Live News 2012

Having played in all form of music in the last 15 years, ranging from Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Fusion and Blues, Jiten has finally discovered his true love - blues rock. Today ‘G2 Live’, performs their own brand of music drawing influences from Jimi Hendrix, Joe Satriani, ZZ Top, SRV & John Mayer Trio. Partnering Jiten is Aviv Pereira of Split, a well known Mumbai based Rock band.


Slash-Apocalyptic Love

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Described very aptly as the last "rock mongrel" of the Hard Rock era, Slash’s follow up to his solo endeavor is an all out ballsy and hard hitting, Classic Rock record. Those familiar with his work from the early days of "Guns 'N' Roses" to "Snakepit" to "Velvet Revolver" would know that the man keeps things simple. A singable riff, an anthemic chorus and a blistering Blues/Rock solo about three fourths into the song is the formula that has worked and worked splendidly in his 20 year odd career.


Slash Revealed Apocalyptic Love Tracklisting

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Slash 2012

Slash, the iconic, Grammy-winning Rock guitarist and songwriter's forthcoming second studio album APOCALYPTIC LOVE, will release his second solo album on 22nd May via his own label DIK HAYD INTERNATIONAL distributed through EMI. The CD will follow his 2010 debut album, SLASH, and his November 2011 first-ever live solo album, the two-CD/DVD set MADE IN STOKE 24/7/11. Notably, the SLASH album debuted on The Billboard 200 chart at #3 (#1 on the Rock chart, #1 on the Independent chart, and #1 on the Hard Music chart). Digitally, the album also became the #1 overall digital album and hit #1 on iTunes in 13 countries. Internationally, the disc achieved Top 5 chart positions in over a dozen major territories, hitting #1 in both Japan and New Zealand.


Gig Alert: CounterCulture Presents Feel Good Rock Band-Solder

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Solder CounterCulture_2012_IMR

Every once in a while, for every six metal-heads, four indie-rockers, three punk-rockers and eight odd nu-age maniacs will come a band that will be fired by the traditions of Classic Rock and feel the burning need to restore the screaming guitar licks and reverb laden drum sound of the 60's and 70's to their former glory. SOLDER from Bangalore, Karnataka is decidedly this kind of band. Bringing in layers of vocal harmony over textured guitars gives them their signature sound. While being rooted in Classic Rock traditions every once in a while they do foray into what they call ‘modern indie’ sounds as well. And that’s what makes their sound a mélange of the old and new.


Alobo Naga Discusses Alobo Naga & The Band's Recent Happenings

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Alobo Naga_Interview_2012_IMR

IMR: Hello Alobo, seems like the proverb "As you sow, so shall you reap" turns out to be pretty true for you guys currently. So, what's going at the bands campaign and how has been the overall response so far from the fans, especially?
Alobo Naga: 2011 Was a crazy year for us, as you rightly stated, we started reaping our first harvest from the hard works that we sowed, overall we had a very positive response from all corners, we are indeed grateful to God for blessing us so much in just a short span of time, and thankful to the fans, friends & well wishers for supporting us and bringing us this far. We had a crazy tour in some of the cities of India, then released our EP, composed and sang the title track for a Bollywood movie BEYOND which is yet to be released, our song PAINTED DREAMS was featured in the VH1 International Top 10, then featured in the VH1 Best 50 Videos of 2011, composed the theme song for "Guwahati International Short Film Festival" and the list goes on. We are now working with our new songs and soon gonna resume our tour for 2012.

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