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Paradigm Shift-Coalescence

Paradigm Shift has been around since 2008, jamming, touring, and fusing with old Hindustani and Indian Classical music and Contemporary Indian Rock music. An impressive experiment, one might say, but one that’s been tried unsuccessfully by bands who are unsure of where they stand on the genre scale. ‘Another fusion band? Ha!’ you smirk. Wait till you listen to this one, smirkers.


Watch Out: Sulafest 2012 Is Here!

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Sulafest 2012

SULAFEST 2012, the fifth edition of what has become a must-experience event, is bigger and better than ever! For the first time BlueFrog, India’s leading live music pioneers, come on board as festival partners. This year Sulafest will be a two day event, building on last year’s sell-out event. This “gourmet” live fest, complete with terrific food, wine & tons of other cool stuff, takes place on the 4th and 5th of February 2012 at the picturesque Sula Vineyards in Nashik.


Cynic-Carbon Based Anatomy(E.P)

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CYNIC started off as a band with "fusion" elements and “robotic” processor based vocals. Their wagon got momentum with their first LP, TRACED IN AIR which was nothing short of brilliance. Fusing elements of Jazz, Metal and blending beautiful tonal atmospherics CYNIC is a band which comes along once a decade. One album wonders have made way into the market and still do almost everyday but with their new CARBON BASED ANATOMY(E.P), CYNIC just reached the new checkpoint in their musical journey.


Free Download: Gru-Cosmogenesis

Band: Gru

Album: Cosmogenesis
Genre: Djent/ Intrumental/ Fusion
Country: Poland
Year: 2010
Record Label: Unsigned
Artwork: Cosmogenesis

Gru Cosmogenesis_Download
Tracklist: Cosmogenesis
1. Universe (01:11)
2. Nebula (05:48)
3. Pulsar (05:02)
4. Fermi Paradox (02:25)
5. Stellar (05:19)
6. Aurora (03:30)
7. Andromeda (05:27)
8. Zeta Reticuli (05:12)


Mrigya-The Compostition Of World Harmony

If you had ever thought about Fusion music losing track nowadays, with so many bands mushrooming out of nowhere, claiming to be flagbearers of Fusion music, you are recommended to give a listen to this musical masterpiece from MRIGYA, a premier and prodigious six-piece Fusion band from Delhi. What they bring out in their debut album, THE COMPOSITION OF WORLD HARMONY, is genuine expertise over the various aspects of Hindustani Classical and Sufi music, blended with the abstractness of Jazz and Blues, Latin, Rock etc.

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