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Aghor Andhakar-Invading Motherland(Single Review)


AGHOR ANDHAKAR is a Delhi based one man Black Metal project. Debut single INVADING MOTHERLAND is a pure manifestation of atmospheric ambience. While the music relates to the dark tyrannical times faced by human civilization, it also takes a sucessful attempt at showcasing man’s fervent approach to the dark times. The song opens with the sound of a person chasing down another with a horse while the person pleads the other to spare him for the last time- a short yet effective demonstration of what the overall theme of the song circles around. The solid intro is followed by the distortion layers of the guitars gradually increasing the torment – while the atmospheric vocals do much to shed light at the pain and suffering of the same.The song embraces a lot of variation- one that tends to grow on you with repeated listens . The instrumental melancholic strain makes for a jaw-breaking end.

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