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Indian Rock Band Endorse Trinity College London’s New Rock & Pop Exams

Parikrama Trinity College London 2012

Legendary Indian Rock band Parikrama have endorsed the groundbreaking new Rock & Pop exams from leading music exam board Trinity College London. The band, which plays Classic Rock music fused with Indian instruments and have been around for 20 years, will perform at a Showcase Rock & Pop Event in Mumbai on 2nd June, at the PALM Expo, at the NSE Grounds, Goregaon. Additional concerts will be held in other parts of the country during the course of the year.


Indus Creed-Evolve

I haven’t said this often, but Indus Creed’s Evolve has been such an absolute pleasure to listen to, that I almost feel like thanking them, for this is not just a comeback album from the folks who gave India its first all-original Rock album almost quarter of a century ago, but a lesson in writing not just Rock, but any original music.


Legendary Festival Wacken Open Air To Support B:O:A!

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Bangalore Open_Air_2012

For over 22 years, German giants, Wacken Open Air have successfully tapped into the minds of thousands of Heavy Metal music lovers, who flock into this 3 day festival extravaganza, just to have the time of their lives. This year, Wacken Open Air, extends their support to make Bangalore Open Air a successful annual property catering to the huge Metal audience being the only dedicated Heavy Metal festival in India.


Nominations: Jack Daniel’s Annual Rock Awards(2011)

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Jack Daniels_Awards_Nominees_2011

Jack Daniel’s Rock Awards(2011), India’s biggest and most prestigious annual rock awards show honouring original music produced during the preceding twelve months, is back with its seventh edition. The award ceremony is slated for February 2012, with build-up gigs starting in December 2011. A total of 15 awards, based on original music created in the year 2011 (1 October 2010 to 30 September 2011) will be presented at the ceremony. All Indian Rock bands and musicians who have produced original music in the period are eligible for nomination.


Interview: Riju Dasgupta(Albatross)

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Riju Interview

IMR: Hello, Riju “Dr. Hex” Dasgupta! So, how is the working for the upcoming split, THE KISSING FLIES going at ALBATROSS's campaign. Also, how and when did this collaborative effort with US Occult Heavy Metal band VESTAL CLARET started finding it's musical roots?
Riju Dasgupta(ALBATROSS): It all begun one fateful night when I linked Phil Swanson of VESTAL CLARET to one of our songs on facebook chat. He was quite impressed and wrote us a small review. I was floored since I’ve been a fan of Phil’s many bands for years. And then when he asked us to do a split, I didn’t even hesitate for an instant. Simon and Michael are good friends now and fantastic musicians, and it’s going to be a treat working with the guys.


Call For Entries: Strawberry Fields(2011)

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Strawberry Fields 2011

Strawberry Fields, the National Law School of India University’s annual Rock Music festival, and India’s largest music competition for college and semi professional bands, is back once again. The critically acclaimed platform for bands, which has free entry for its audience, is currently in its fifteenth year of promoting original music in India.


The Scavenger Project-Empty Highway

Let’s face it – North-East India has some of the "best musical talent" this country has ever seen. Somehow, their music as compared to other regions ranks high in terms of recording, sound quality and diversity. THE SCAVENGER PROJECT from Mizoram is one such band with a powerful Progressive sound and behind the instruments are some of the best musicians from the NE as well. With Victor (Ex-MAGDALENE) and LR-A, they call themselves an ‘Electronic-Rockgressive’ project and their debut album EMPTY HIGHWAY does every bit of justice to the band’s NE roots - it’s powerful, fresh and just adds a new flavor to what you think comprises the Indian Rock pudding. Check them out!


Prosody-Paper Plane

Funk/ Alternative Indian Rock band from Pune, PROSODY released their debut album in August this year called PAPER PLANE. This album is a huge and the first big step the band has taken in mainstream direction, after playing in pubs, cafes and college festivals for more than six years now. The album does full justice to the fictional character that the band has always portrayed as its image; that of a young boy looking out of his window, lost in thoughts, reflecting on his life as we all do at some point in our lives. The album cover is interesting too; a spiritual, dreamy touch to it.


MENWHOPAUSE is a Delhi based five member outfit that was formed in 2001 by Anup Kutty, who also happens to be the former editor of the Indian edition of an International Men's Magazine. One of the first bands to distribute their music for free over the internet, MENWHOPAUSE is currently one of the premier bands of the country. One EP and two successful albums old, this Alternative Rock band is the only one till now that has been sponsored by ICCR, the cultural wing of the Government of India, to perform at Ausin, Texas, in the prestigious SXSW Festival, where they were invited to perform, which also made them the first Indian Rock band to get this honour.

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