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Fine Tuned Disaster (Compilation)

Fine Tuned Disaster


PRICE :: Rs. 200

RATING :: 8/10


    Firstly ,I would like to thanks "Saahil Makhija" the front man of "DEMONIC RESURRECTION", to come up with such a beautiful concept of introducing many of the underground metal bands and making them familiar among the metal junta's. “FINE TUNED DISASTER”, is a split CD comprising of many of the Heavy and Thrash Metal bands from "Mumbai" which includes"BHAYANAK MAUT","SKINCOLD","SCRIBE","BITCHSLAP","AMIDST THE CHAOS" and featuring two of the bonus tracks from "PIN DROP VIOLENCE" and "DEMONSTEALER". There are enough highlights on this disc that will surely draw your attention to make "FINE TUNED DISASTER" one of the most appreciated metal compilation so far, as many of the big names from the local circuit of "Mumbai" have been featured with their E.P.

   But, there are certain things which I would like to list down against the album. Starting, from the beautiful cover art of the compilation, no doubt the name sounds pretty interesting, but I am just left with a question mark on my face when I try to relate both the things together. Secondly, I would like to ask “Saahil Makhija”, about the bands which have been introduced in this compilation as every band sounds different and are quite different from each other, musically. Next thing, I would like to know is that, under which genre this compilation can be placed? But, the compilation features mainly the favorites of the local crowd, so everybody has something or the other to hear for themselves.

   Let’s, see what this compilation has for all of us.

1) The compilation kicks off with a very deserving band from the local circuit "BHAYANAK MAUT" with their E.P "MALIGNANT". The E.P has some really frenzied guitars and "Amon Amarth" vocals influences, which can be easily recognised, but executed in a very extreme manner. It starts with one of my favorites from the Channel [V] Launchpad "Boiled. Unwound. Filatured". The other two tracks "PICA" and "Phlegm Blot Technik"aren't very noticeable. Both the tracks seem to be an upgrade version for the Hard Rock genre, with influences of "Hatebreed". Coming onto the last track of the E.P "Elicit Set Nois Rot”, I really liked the heavy composition of the song. And, also I am assuring you that this is the best E.P in this compilation.

2) Next comes "ARTIFICIAL EXISTENCE" by "SKINCOLD", they seem to be more inspired from the Nu-Metal genre. If you like something in Nu-Metal with all those technical touch to the music, then this can be the one you may go for. You can have some hyper drums melting down your ear drums with excellent melodic riffs reminding me of "Heaven Shall Burn" and "Devildriver". The E.P starts of, with a pretty impressive track"Lowdown", the drums are pretty catchy and very well composed track. The next track "Braindead" and "4/20" sounds very common into that genre, nothing impressive that I can list out. They have ended up the E.P with a very vigorous track "Take Me Away”.  I would say they are very interesting with respect to their genre. So, cheers for them!!!

3) Here comes "SCRIBE”, the band for which I was looking for in the recent times with their E.P "HAVE HARD, WILL CORE". They are one of the most dynamic groups to play experimentive music in this genre. They have created quite a name for themselves in their decade of existence. The first track "90 Seconds Is One Minute" of the E.P itself lets you know what does this band possess, the track which directly stabs you down within no seconds.  The other tracks in the E.P just cannot be compared; each track has its own inherent characteristics, which I don't think I will be able to list it down. If you like something from "Slipknot","Fear Factory","Chimaira","Inflames"etc,then this is a must watch out. Every song is well-structured, which can directly affect you mentally and the effort of execution inherent on each of the 4 tracks is astounding. The second album in the compilation which will take you away from yourself.

4) “BITCHSLAP” is another excellent band in the compilation; they arrive with their E.P “THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS”. Pretty aggressive with their music, the drums are just out of the world. But, it’s a pity because the compilation contains only 2 tracks from them. “My Chemical Dream” is an awesome track from the band with all those melodic riffs and oppressively constant grunts. The second track “Through The Looking Glass” is another heavy track which is introduced by the band in the compilation.

5) To those who may not have heard “AMIDST THE CHAOS” yet, they are more like a American  Heavy Metal outfit. This band is a sure watch out in the near future. The track “Latent Principle” is an aural assault on the listener as the screams come at you with an impact of “Sunny's” vocals. The guitar barbarity and the pounding drums will quickly have you starting a mosh pit. “5 Minus 1” follow-up makes me feel raped both physically and mentally, the band has created something more aggressive and ten times more polished. Nevertheless, the moderately extreme, melodic and epic character has certainly an original angle and the guys know how to handle their equipment. So, definitely there is a lot of talent in this band. If they will focus on more being original, then the name “AMIDST THE CHAOS” will certainly reach new heights.


1) “No Regrets” is one of a bonus tracks in the compilation by “PIN DROP VIOLENCE” and as usual they have kept it alive.

2) “Fine Tuned Disaster”, this is the title track of this compilation, it’s a bizarre!

“FINE TUNED DISASTER” is an oft-overlooked compilation of violent metal bands that should be sought out by every real fan of the Indian Metal Scenario. Ultimately, a good compilation, compared to all others in the Indian Metal scene, the one that demands attention from all fervent metal followers.  

I am not happy with the bands selection for the compilation, I mean common don't be another “Amit Sehgal” and choose only local bands, the whole Indian Rock and Metal needs to rise high.

Bottom Line:: A catastrophic compilation that will surely let you head bang with your hands raised supporting “METAL”!!!


Pravin Prajapati(LordMessiah) 


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