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DSR & Artistaloud Launch Metal Caller Tunes

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DEMONSTEALER RECORDS & ARTISTALOUD.COM have launched Heavy Metal CRBT (Caller Ring Back Tunes) on all major mobile phone networks in India. DSR artists DEMONIC RESURRECTION, MYNDSNARE, DEVOID, IIIRD SOVEREIGN, ALBATROSS & WORKSHOP have their releases available as CRBT.


DSR Goes Digital With ArtistAloud

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DEMONSTEALER RECORDS has released 8 albums from it catalog in Digital Formats (Mp3s, Ringtones etc) via With most people turning to mp3s as their primary source of music and the culture of buying CDs dying out DEMONSTEALER RECORDS has tied up with and Hungama Multimedia to give metal fans the chance to buy Mp3s, Ringtones and Wallpapers of their favorite metal bands for as low as Rs.10 per song.


Grey & Saurian Launches New Compilation

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GREY & SAURIAN are back with the release of their new 2010 compilation. The compilation comprises all the major acts from across the India dealing with mostly Death/Black/Heavy metal genres featuring BHAYANAK MAUT, AMOGH SYMPHONY, ACRID SEMBLANCE, MYNDSNARE, THIRD SOVEREIGN and many more.

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