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Mallika Sundaramurthy Talks About Abnormality's Debut Album!

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Mallika Sundaramurthy Abnormality IMR Interview

Abnormality is an Extreme Metal band formed in 2005, hailing from Massachusetts, United States. They're a female fronted band, pursuing the heaviest sub-genre of Death Metal and providing us with a brilliant hybrid between technicality, speed and some devastating grooves. I recently had the oppurtunity to review their first full length album, "Contaminating The Hive Mind" and had a chit-chat with the vocalist, Mallika Sundaramurthy, regarding the album and much more.


Radiation Sickness To Unleash Reflections Of A Psychotic Past On 22nd June 2012

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Fetus Stench Bashed Defaced Disfigured

Legendary Indianapolis's Crossover/Death Metal band Radiation Sickness, will be releasing their first studio album in 20 years on Abyss Records on 22nd June as part of the label's Summer Of Sickness Campaign 2012. Entitled "Reflections Of A Psychotic Past," the new album from Radiation Sickness features seven brand new tracks and will also include a re-mastered copy of the 1990 release "The Other Me, A Journey Into Insanity."


Heathen Beast-The Drowning Of The Elephant God(E.P)

Okay, you don’t expect a band from Mumbai to come out with an E.P called "The Drowning Of The Elephant God". But guess what, Heathen Beast has done just that and they have undoubtedly succeeded in getting their point across. Their pro-human and anti-God philosophy is pretty evident from the record, as the lyrics range right from the ill-effects of man-made religions, to man-made disasters and the inherent cruelty in human nature. A follow-up to their hugely successful E.P "Ayodhya Burns", that came out in 2010, "The Drowning Of The Elephant God" does as much in dismissing the existence and powers of God, and emphasizes that all occurrences in this world are brought about my man himself.

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