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Dionysus-The Hymn To The Dying (E.P)

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Here's a brilliant Death/Doom Metal outfit from our neighborland, Lahore, Pakistan. Dionysus, who recently came out with a blasting EP, "A Hymn To The Dying", released by the Salute Records, Sweden. Before the release they've released their songs online, through download, by mediafire. A twenty eight minute EP, with five songs in it, has surely left many people spell-bound, all across the world. When I first heard this band, I was blown away by their clean production, beautiful guitar riffs, soothing tunes and monstrous vocals and drums.


Y.T.H: Releases New Single Online

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Y.T.H, the upcoming band from Pakistan, that insists on setting feelings above mere technique and creating a genre out of diverse western Pop/Rock and eastern classical influences, fusing deeply meditative ragas with Rock and Jazz is out with their single titled MAIN AKAYLA HUN(Download) online.


Beqarar by Irfan Rizvi

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Irfan Rizvi a professional musician based in Canada / Islamabad, Pk relasing his solo Album 'Beqarar'.To start with the introduction of the composer; Irfan Rizvi playing guitar for over 12 years and played for various bands in Islamabad.


Underground Chaos Vol. 1

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The Flaming Skull Distributions is proud to announce that we are the official distributors for the Compilation Underground Chaos Vol. 1.
This compilation features 22 bands from Pakistan and you also get a free poster with every order. We have limited copies since this is the first international release that we have procured so order now.


A great opportunity

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Dear Fans! “Alag The Band” is here with an opportunity for the Fans to participate and write a concept/story for their upcoming Song (Title: Kasay Bhulaon)… Share your thoughts and get connected with the success of the song… Download the slow version of the song for better understanding and Melody concept from:

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