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Interview-Ida Olniansky(DIBBUKIM)

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IMR: Shalom Aleichem, Ida! Firstly, for a bit of background, can you tell us about DIBBUKIM, the music you guys play and how did the band come together? Also, does any of the member play in any other side-projects other than DIBBUKIM?

Ida Olniansky(DIBBUKIM): Hi there Pravin! DIBBUKIM is a Yiddish Metal band which mixes "Klezmer Music" with Metal and thereby shaping somewhat of a new musical style. The lyrics are exclusively in Yiddish, and we are currently the only band around writing Metal material in that language.
It was actually my idea to start the band. Me and my husband, Niklas, had discussed starting a new Metal band for some time, and when I suggested that it should be done in Yiddish he immediately liked the idea and DIBBUKIM was born. We called our old friend Magnus Wohlfart who is a great guitarist and started to arrange and write songs.
Both Magnus and Jacob are also members in our label mates, YGGDRASIL, and I believe Jacob is a part of numerous other projects, PANDEMONIUM for example.

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