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Demonic Resurrection Releases All-Star Concert Footage


DR Footages

Indian Metal band DEMONIC RESURRECTION  have released 4 pro shot videos from their All-Star Concert held in November. The All-Star Concert was one of the pre-parties held for the Bacardi NH7 Weekender. The All-Star Concert saw a host of vocalists and bass players join the band on stage creating a unique experience for DEMONIC RESURRECTION fans.


The Ear Split-Contemporary Noise Pollution(E.P)

Shimla is a great place to relax and enjoy, I always thought of it as a tourist attraction where people come, bask in natures glory and go back to their hectic lives. Everything is peaceful and tranquil and its probably the last place that you would find Metal in right? Well guess what, you are wrong and THE EAR SPLIT are proof of the fact that there might be a pretty substantial Metal scene over there. Let’s hope we hear more from this scene in the future, for now let’s get down to business andfind out whether their CONTEMPORARY NOISE POLLUTION(E.P) has what it takes.

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