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Kryptos-The Coils Of Apollyon

This was the first KRYPTOS album I got my hands on and after the very first listen I cursed myself for not giving the band the due attention and listens it deserved. The album is not just about straightforward aggressiveness but also packs a solid punch in terms of melody. What surprises more is how the band's experience and time in the scene shows on the song-writing. The way the songs are structures, placed in the album show that the guys have really put in a lot of thought into making the album a complete grenade just waiting to be dropped and explode, devouring everything in its wake. The trend of having a soft but small interlude between two heavy tracks has hit the Metal scene since long but only few bands like KRYPTOS have the knack to compose something so serene , yet connected to the rest of the album. So also the way it is placed in the track list plays an important role when you have new as well as old fans suddenly being subjected to something so different.


Bevar Sea Reveals Self-Titled Debut Album Details

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Bevar Sea_News_2012

2011 was a good year for BEVAR SEA, with several gigs in the bag and great response from the local audience to their take on slow and heavy music. 2012 threatens to up the ante, with the impending release of the self-titled debut album, featuring the best-known songs from their live set.


The Mezz: A Tribute


Yesterday evening as I was walking down New Friends Colony, I saw that the sign board for The Mezz a pub in that area and a regular venue for Metal gigs was missing ,I asked the waiter who was standing outside Daawat Khaana (the restaurant opposite to the mezz which was in collaboration) what happened, to which he replied that it has closed, I enquired till when, to which he said forever. On this hearing this I was shocked, as now one of the premier joints for metal and the place which had pretty much introduced me to the scene was now over.


Kryptos Reveals Tracklist For The Coils Of Apollyon


KRYPTOS have revealed the tracklist for their third upcoming album THE COILS OF APOLLYON. The recording of the album, which began in early March, was completed during the first week of April and is scheduled for release sometime during the fall of 2011 and will be mixed and mastered by Anupam Roy at GREY STUDIOS, New Delhi.

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