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New Post-Rock Band From Ahmedbad - As We Keep Searching

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Post rock is a relatively unexplored territory in India yet. Being largely instrumental with minimal to no vocals, it is easy to sound pleasant with post rock but tough to sustain it for some minutes and not become monotonous. One such band is Ahmedabad based As We Keep Searching, a three member outfit formed in 2013. With influences such as God is an Astronaut, Karnivool, Tool and Mutemath, the music is largely post rock. As for the theme, the band keeps it open and tries to express the emotions and life experiences of the band members, are a bunch of old friends.


Their debut single that was released in early December, ‘The Tattva’, is a mix of delicate and riffed guitar portions and spaced out vocals in Hindi. The instrumentation is intense, and the track slightly lengthy, but has enough diverse parts to keep the ears interested. The band was also quick to come out with an experimental music video in the next two weeks, which only betters the experience of an ambient track.


It’s a different sound coming from Gujarat, and members of AWKS feel 2014 is going to be an important year for this experiment of theirs. As of now, we can await the release of their second single ‘Aakorxon’ on Jan. 10th and follow the guys here:




Pigeon Toe Streaming Title Track The First Perception

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Pigeon Toe The First Perception

PIGEON TOE, the German Progressive Rock band featuring TRIPTYKON drummer Norman Lonhard, will release its debut album, THE FIRST PERCEPTION, on 24th April in North America, 27th April in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and 30th April in the rest of Europe via LIFEFORCE RECORDS.


Absolace Announces Release Date, Tracklist For New Album–Fractals

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Absolace Fractals

Dubai based Progressive Rock band ABSOLACE, will release their hauntingly beautiful second album FRACTALS worldwide on 26th March. The release is a ten track, emotionally-rich opus, mixing soaring melodies, crunching riffs, thought provoking lyrical themes and atmospheric soundscapes akin to bands such as KARNIVOOL, PORCUPINE TREE and TOOL.


Karnivool Featured On The Latest Episode Of Headbanger's Kitchen

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Headbangers Kitchen_Episode_8

Heavy Metal cooking show Headbanger's Kitchen hosted by DEMONIC RESURRECTION frontman Demonstealer releases a new episode
featuring Australian Progressive Rock band KARNIVOOL. The show, features the creation of a dish aptly titled Chicken 'Karni' Stew along with an Indian rice pankcake known as Appam. The band was interviewed after their concert in India and share their experience of their India visit as well as discuss their plans for the next album.


Enter Guerrilla Films Parts Ways With Headbanger's Kitchen

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Headbangers Kitchen_Closed

Heavy Metal cooking show Headbanger's Kitchen hosted by DEMONIC RESURRECTION frontman Demonstealer has released a following statement on FaceBook:

It's been almost a year since we launched Headbanger's Kitchen on Youtube and the journey has been fantastic and one that would not have been possible without the vision and resources of Srinivas Sunderrajan and ENTER GUERILLA FILMS. I am indebted to them for not only bringing this idea of mine to life but taking it way beyond my imagination and expectations. Their work has been nothing short of world class but unfortunately Episode 8 is going to be the last of our journey together.


Goddess Gagged-Resurfaces

GODDESS GAGGED. A name I’ve been particularly keeping a watch out for. I don’t want to compartmentalise their music but I see a plethora of sounds in their music- PORCUPINE TREE, KARNIVOOL, TEXTURES, OCEANSIZE and a good amount of Post-Hardcore influences, each an elite from its respective genre of music. It is pretty cool how the GODDESS GAGGED sound has been shaped from a variety of these influences. I have mentioned the names of artists along with a review of each track to give a flavour of the album.


Interview: Akshat Vaze(What Google Can't Find)

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IMR: Hello, Akshat Vaze! Okay, so before starting with the interview, it would be great if you could give a brief run-down about the bands origin since younger days?
Akshat Vaze(WGCF): WGCF started off as a onetime thing for me and the drummer, Aashish, back last year when it wasn’t a band. We were called to be a part of the instrumentation of a German theatre group known as "Bunte Buehne" which was a part of "Max Mueller Bhavan" here in Pune. So we, I don’t know why, stuck around for a couple of months and we played around. We actually started off as a German cover band. We officially started off in July/ August of 2010.


Rosemary-A Legacy Of Ruined Days(E.P)

Alternative Rock is a nascent little creature in our culture. It’s hard to define what exactly it sounds like since the term is usually employed as an umbrella to describe a wide spectrum of musical styles. Mumbai band ROSEMARY has been a target of observation ever since they won Strawberry Fields and showed promise of becoming interesting practitioners of their own unique style of Alt Rock/ Alt Grunge. The trio have finally arrived with their first EP called THE LEGACY OF RUINED DAYS and a disappointment it certainly is not!


Interview With Sheldon Fonseca(On Album Launch)

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IMR: Congratulations KASTADYNE for the launch of your latest album HOVER. Also, I would like to thank you guys for taking time to speak to us regarding your latest effort as it has been almost 3 years we met on this side of the globe. So, how has the album been recognized so far and any specific significance behind the album title?   
Sheldon :
Thanks IMR for featuring us. The overall response to the album so far has been splendid. The album is slowly gaining popularity; people seem to like this one better. The album title ‘HOVER’ is inspired by one of the songs in the album titled COME HOVER THE EARTH.

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