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Undying Inc-Aggressive World Dynasty

UNDYING INC. is a band that has really struggled a lot in its career, from humble beginnings when the band was heavily influenced by PANTERA to an extent where it seemed almost derivative and were often criticised for it, and seen as a weak link, to now where they have inspired many "Vicious" moshpits and have created some of the most Brutal Metal that India has heard. Keeping that in context, AGGRESSIVE WORLD DYNASTY is nothing more of an official stamp which says “UNDYING INC. has arrived.”


Undying Inc: Aggressive World Dynasty Out Now

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Progressive/Metal band UNDYING INC from New Delhi are finally out with their much-anticipated second album entitled AGGRESSIVE WORLD DYNASTY via GREY AND SAURIAN. The album was officially launched on 10th December 2010 at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender in Pune.

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