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Gig Alert: The Hoodwink Circle & Spud In The Box-Live @ BlueFrog(Mumbai)

BlueFrog The Hoodwink Circle Spud In The Box

The Hoodwink Circle is returning to BlueFrog after 6 months! This gig is special for too many reasons. Firstly, this is the band's first electric set at BlueFrog with our new drummer Rahul Hariharan. Co-incidentally, the band's founding member Sneedan M is in town to join the band on stage this time around as well (If you were at our last BlueFrog gig, you already know how brilliant he is!). The band is currently recording its debut album and this gig would be a teaser to what the album holds. Now there is more to every gig we play, but some surprises are better when you get surprised.

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