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Mhathung Odyuo Parts Ways With Divine Connection

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Mhathung Odyuo_Quits_DC

Mhathung Odyuo, bassist of popular DIVINE CONNECTION has announced his split from the band. Odyuo, commenting on a social networking site, while announcing his split, however has expressed a mixed feeling for his departure. It may be recalled that DIVINE CONNECTION was formed and founded on 31st September 2004 by Mhathung odyuo for which he was known as the father of the band. The band since after its formation has attained eminent success all over the country by winning the MTV Rock On (2011).


Indus Creed Launches Podcast Series For New Album

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Indus Creed Podcast Series

INDUS CREED, India’s most iconic Rock band, will release their newest album at the end of this year. The highly awaited album of the country’s pioneering rockers will be preceded by sneak peaks featuring 6 PODCASTS from now until the Album’s launch. Produced by Thrillpill Films, the podcasts will provide insights into the recording process with personal impressions and experiences of each of the band’s members as they perform their parts in the studio. These podcasts will feature on multiple online and social networking platforms including Facebook, Youtube and the band’s Official Website.

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