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Interview With Howard Pereira (Overhung)

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Overhung Howard Pereira Interview 2013

Very rarely does it happen that you get smacked in the face by a song; and I mean that in a good way. Overhung did just that. Even before the EP was released, the very unique EP promotion campaign that the band set off to do was worth noticing. It put the band on the map, got people involved. The build up to the EP, wittily called ‘E4P’, was in every way, successful. The promotion wasn’t random either. It matched the band’s sound and blended perfectly with the band’s approach to music.

Now with the album recordings in the pipeline, the curiosity to what the band would do next is extremely high. Be it their music or their promotion! So IndianMusicRevolution decided to get in touch with these boys to kill the ‘Waiting’.


IMR: To begin with, tell us about the band. How was it formed, the ideology?

Howard (Overhung): Well there was no real idealogy behind the formation. It really was quite accidental. See… Sujit asked the three of us (Sheldon, Melroy and me) to help him re-record one of his old songs. During that jam I just randomly started paying a riff that Sujit started to sing over. That turned into a great melody and we recorded that song the next day instead of Sujits original plan, hahaha. But yeah I was not too keen on being a part of a new project since I was really busy at the time but somehow I was drawn to the weirdos in the band and decided to give it a go. Sheldon and Melroy were looking for a new project after Dream Out Loud had called it quits and Sujit basically convinced us after promising us a lot of wine and women. J He hasn’t disappointed us yet. ;)


IMR: The music is a wonderful blend of various genres. ‘Waste’ almost leans on classical while the others borrow elements from funk, hard rock, etc. How does the band work during new compositions?

Howard (Overhung): I’m glad you noticed. Well each member of the band comes with his influences. I’m primarily a blues guitarist and that’s what comes through in my playing. Sujit comes from a classic cock-rock background while Sheldon is a metalhead. Melroy is a bass player. :P No I’m kidding. Melroy like most bass players brings the funk. So I guess that’s why you hear everything you do in the music. The album will have some Dub-step and Djent if that music is still cool. :P


IMR: The lyrics! They definitely catch your attention! Who writes the songs?

Howard (Overhung): Ah ‘The purveyor of all things perverse’, that’s Buster Kumar himself. Sujit is a chronic songwriter. He writes at the desk, he writes on the road, he writes in the toilet, while he’s taking off a load. See I’m pretty ok too right? :P . Sujit and me have written all of the songs on the album. And we’ve even co-written some of the lyrics. But most of them are written by either him or me.


IMR: The T-shirt Campaign! Tell us more! How did the band get such a unique idea of promotion?

Howard (Overhung): Ah. My favorite musical exercise. Well you know… after playing live on stage… or partying after a gig. Bleh. What I mean to say is… I’ve been in so many bands since 2007. The scene has changed so much in a short time and bands and musicians need to buck up to cope with it. A music fan nowadays has a million options before him. If your music grabs their attention purely on merit, then lucky you. But the fact is that you need to create buzz and excitement and get people to want to know what your

doing all the time. The most successful band do that. The T-shirt campaign was designed to include our fans and it paid off really well. We were averaging 16k hits a day during the 2 week promotion that we did by uploading a picture everyday and it helped us get enough attention to release our EP. And yeah Overhung Tshirt wearing hotties… its not rocket science. :P The original idea was to ask our fans to send us hot pics wearing out T shirt. We received an amazing response where we got pictures from all over the country and some of them were too hot for us to use as well. :D I’m not kidding, come home one day and I’ll show you. But yeah we asked fans to vote and we were gonna turn the winning pic into a Poster. But the winning pic is now the cover for our EP. Thank you ladies! Muahhhh!!!!


IMR: The album recordings are underway with Midicore Studios. What can we expect from Overhung? More face-smacking music? And when do you plan on releasing the album?

Howard (Overhung): The album has some songs that are old but just never heard on CD before. ‘Must Drink’ is a fairly popular song that I also play differently with Dischordian. ‘I am I’ has a catchy 7/4 blues riff that will knock your socks off. We taking some liberties with recording now that we’re at the guitar tracking stage trying out multiple tube amps and fancy gear and guitars that I’m not qualified to talk about. But we’re hoping to churn it into something special. Face, back, bum… everything will be smacked. :D oh yeah and we are hoping to release it by September when Sujit is back. He is currently busy in the US with multiple bands and being a sex guru.


IMR: I hope there would be a sufficient build up leading to the album! Does the band have a promotion campaign in mind for the album? What are you boys planning?

Howard (Overhung): Well it's too early to say. But yeah I think people have come to expect a weird crazy promotional campaign everytime we do something. So yeah we do have something really cool planned which I can safely say has never been done before. All we’d like to say for now is…’Use a Condom”. 

We are definitely looking forward to what Overhung has in store for us! Given their past records, we know we won’t be disappointed.

To download their EP for free visit Overhung's official website. 



Overhung Releases Free Debut EP 'Extended 4Play' Online

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Overhung Debut EP Download

The bringers of the party 'Overhung' have finally released their much awaited four song debut EP titled ‘Extended 4Play’ recorded almost entirely at home. The boys who are known to create quite a stir with whatever they do, have decided to release this EP online initially for free, as a teaser for their forthcoming album that is expected sometime next year.

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