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Satanized-Possessed By Darkness

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Hailing from the lands of Muslim's territory Istanbul, Turkey comes a Black Metal horde SATANIZED who recently caught my attention in a very short duration of time. To tell you more about them, the band was formed in the year 2005 by the frontman Angramainyu(Vocals & Guitars) and Dahaka(Keyboards). After parting ways with the band's initial members Barbas(Drums) and Thoth(Guitars) due to ideological reasons which lead to the fight in the band that also caused cerebral injury of the frontman, the band line-up currently looks strong after the introduction of Beliar(Guitars) and Xaphan(Drums). The band basically play Melodic Black Metal drawing their musical influences from the Eastern culture and Persian mythology alot and their lyrical themes is mostly based on Anti-Religion matter. There are very rare bands who really take Black Metal genre serioulsy and SATANIZED is one amongst them not only musically but also in each and every aspect from a band point of view, yes I mean my words. Where Black Metal genre has become quite stagnant, here is SATANIZED to quench away your evil desires!

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