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Puscifer-Donkey Punch The Night(E.P)

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Things had been dead silent in Camp Keenan for a while now, on all fronts. Even Keenan was not sure if there was going to be a Keenan album, by the end of 2013. And then low and behold the farcically conceptualized outfit that is Puscifer drops a not so farcical EP on us, the sixth record in its kitty since the band’s inception six years back. 


Rosemary-A Legacy Of Ruined Days(E.P)

Alternative Rock is a nascent little creature in our culture. It’s hard to define what exactly it sounds like since the term is usually employed as an umbrella to describe a wide spectrum of musical styles. Mumbai band ROSEMARY has been a target of observation ever since they won Strawberry Fields and showed promise of becoming interesting practitioners of their own unique style of Alt Rock/ Alt Grunge. The trio have finally arrived with their first EP called THE LEGACY OF RUINED DAYS and a disappointment it certainly is not!


Interview-Deeptaroop Basu(Ex-SINFUL OATH & Ex-KRIPA)

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He has drummed his way into the Metal scene and established himself pretty firmly in the music industry. Deeptaroop Basu has played for bands such as SINFUL OATH and KRIPA, both highly successful in propagating Metal Music among the masses. IndianMusicRevolution caught up with him in a candid chat over Facebook.


1-800 Releases New Single Online

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Pune based Rock band 1-800 releases the bands one of the hottest single titled BEHIND THE BLOUSE on their MySpace page. Also, you can get the single delivered to your inbox by mailing onto: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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