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Moshpit 4.0-Live @ On The House(Indore)

The fourth installment of Moshpit knocked on every rock lover/music lover/metal head's door pretty hard, it actually blasted the door open. Though the gig offered an assortment of 8 bands, the gig's purpose was to feature the trendsetter rock acts from Indore namely Nicotine and Grim Reapers. The gig began at nearly 7 in the evening, first up were 1000 Watt Sun (my own band), formed very recently just weeks ago. We covered the likes of Porcupine Tree and Green Day. Though the crowd merely brooded at us in the beginning, but were at their feet with our final song that is Open Car. As we went off stage and the next band Collision entered the once hookah/ coffee lounge 'On The House', which was the venue for the event, brewed with music lovers and a huge unexpected turn out of about 400 people shook the whole place.

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