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Displaying items by tag: RHAPSODY OF RAINS Wed, 29 Mar 2017 13:13:13 +0000 en-gb Kaav-Rhapsody Of Rains Kaav-Rhapsody Of Rains

Before I’d seen Kaav play live at the Gathering Storm in 2010, I had no clue who they were or what genre of music they played. The trio threw in a mysterious Progressive Rock bordering on Psychedelic Blues set for what was predominantly, a Metal crowd. Many were bewildered, the rest in Trance. Two years later, the Kochi based band, Kaav has matured from its EP days to the development of a full-length album produced under the guidance of the legendary Baiju Dharmajan (ex-Motherjane, ex-Wrenz United) and even features him on some tracks. Kaav consists of Vypin Island localites - Shyam N. Pai handling Electric and Acoustic guitars, Shabeer P. Ali on Bass Guitar and Arun S. Kumar on Drums.

“Aadi”, the first track on the album, sways the mood to soft tones meant for easy listening on a lazy sunny day. A slightly distorted guitar leaves patches of harmonic melody with the soft bass riff, being subsequently accompanied by acoustic guitars, giving this track sounds similar to Warren Mendonsa’s work on Blackstratblues.

“Fears Mysteries” starts puffing away with an intro consisting of samples of temple chants and church bells, all silenced by Conch Shell. It then proceeds into tempos journeying through tribal drums and dark frenzied guitars. At this juncture I must mention, the band takes its name from the Malayalam word 'Kaavu', referring to the traditional shrines, forests where many folk stories and art forms like ‘Theyyam’, ‘Koodiyattam’ etc. originated. Fears, mysteries, superstitions, religion and spirituality were always associated with Kaav which is also the meeting place of the human psyche. I enjoyed the drama on the track which at certain points reminded me of the Polish Progressive Metal band, Indukti on the track “Ninth Wave”.

In my opinion, “Kaalichan”, the third track on the album, fits into the typical Kaav sound space that belts out a groovy guitar lick with a Carnatic influence that truly reveals itself at the breakdown. The track finally transcends into aggressive distorted riffs and crosses over to the deafening roars of elephants and drums from a temple festival which fades away into silence soon.

“Thee” (Fire), released as the first single, blazes out as the fourth track on the album. The video pays tribute to avant-garde film maker John Abraham and contains snippets from his cult movie, Amma Ariyan. According to Kaav, “Thee represents the inner fire or the inner strength of humans that gets unleashed in different ways”. I felt that the band sounded like an indigenous version of the Progressive Rock band, The Mars Volta at various points on this track with flying time signatures and blistering drum rolls. The track is finally laid to rest with dying electric guitar squeals that sound very similar to the works of Omar Rodrigues-Lopez and ... a burp?

The fifth track on the album, “Sulthan” begins with a panning intro of horses galloping past the listener. It strides forward into a delirious distortion resonating in the presence of a darkly lingering bassline and subsequently, fades into acoustic guitars that exude majestic footprints of “Sulthan”.

“Rhapsody Of Rains”, the title track of the album is what follows next, and looking back at what I’ve been listening to so far; Kaav has been holding out a distinctive sound in every track despite the different environments and genres whizzing past. The sixth track brews up a rainstorm over looming guitars that progressively moves into that typical Kaav sound I had mentioned. I enjoyed the track particularly more because I was able to relate to the sound the band was attempting to recreate influenced by the downpours in Kerala. The ambience brought out by this track was perfectly simulated by the piercing rains in the chilly monsoon air outside my window. The “Rhapsody Of Rains” is a progressive track that picks up emotions along the way.

Track number seven: “Vida” sounds very much like the acoustic Opeth on "Blackwater Park". It slips into an eerie breakdown consisting of what sounds like devotional singing tracked later with samples from a Priest’s sermon in Malayalam on Revelation 20 (referring to a nameless angel who came down from the heavens, holding the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand to bind Satan). The track seemed to progress to very Mars Volta-ish sounds towards the fag end of this track.

The concluding track, “Tripping Shanti” carves itself as a slow tempo Instrumental that borders on contemporary Post-Rock and burns itself into oblivion with shades of Carnatic and Blues. With odes to nature, tales of local folklore and frenzied guitars dipped in psychedelic fuzz-wah packed in for fillers, the record ended just as it had begun - lighthearted and mellow. The sounds progressed from melodic instrumental guitar (on "Aadi" and "Tripping Shanthi") to dark Progressive Rock (on "Sulthan" and "Fears Mysteries") and crosses over to Post-Rock structures in between. The unique signature Kaav leaves behind in its music is the sometimes groovy-sometimes gloomy Folk-inspired leads (on "Kaalichan", "Thee" and "Rhapsody Of Rains") thrown in together with time signatures alternating on Progressive Rock, Jazz and Blues inspired jams. This record is a real story-teller if you’ve got a patient ear.

What appealed to me most about Kaav is its kaleidoscopic sound encompassing sounds from a variety of my favourite artists; The electric Mars Volta-like frenzy with a wavering song structure, the haunting Opeth-like atmosphere, Hendrix’s Blues-inspired fuzz-wah effects, the tranquil if these trees could talk-like instrumentals and, the Indukti and Isis-like violent Post-Rock riffing, all stand testimony to the fluidity of the band. Kaav is all this, accompanied by a distinct classical signature it has begun to leave behind as its very own.

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Record Label Cochym Reveals Release Date For Baiju Dharmajan & Kaav Upcoming Album

Cochym Records Baiju Kaav

Record label, Cochym has set a June 20th release date for international digital release of Baiju Dharmajan's debut solo album "The Crossover" and Kaav's debut album "Rhapsody Of Rains".

Both the albums will be available for both digital and physical purchase. Cochym has partnered with the leading digital distributors CD Baby for the worldwide digital distribution of album and it's singles through Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and host of other online Music Shops. The CD's are being made available for purchase in India, through their distribution partner Flipkart.

Artwork: The Crossover

Baiju Dharmajan The Crossover Artwork

Tracklist: The Crossover
Cyber Reptile

"The Crossover" is the first solo album for ace Indian guitarist "Baiju Dharmajan". Recorded at Baiju’s home studio "Mystic Island Studio" and "Liquid Music Studio" based in Kochi, the album is composed and produced by Baiju Dharmajan and mastered by Ty Degroff of The Final Sound, U.S.A. The album features artwork by internationally acclaimed Illustrator, Archan Nair.

This is the first time Baiju, a double time winner of Jack Daniels award for best guitarist in India, has not teamed with anyone else and created music by himself. "This album has given me the freedom to break away the shackles of expectations and express myself freely", says Baiju."."Sonically, you'll hear some of the meanest sounding Carnatic guitar riffs I've ever laid down, and at the same time, you'll find some soulful ballads that will tug on your heartstrings. I am very proud of this album and excited for my fans to hear it!"

All music composed, produced, arranged, programmed, played and mixed by Baiju Dharmajan.

Kaav's debut album "Rhapsody Of Rains" consisting of eight songs, will also be released in June 2012 through Cochym. The album is an attempt by the band to further its musical expeditions into more progressive terrains while still retaining its indigenous roots as well as diverse influences. Recorded at Liquid Music Studio based in Kochi, the album is produced and mixed by Baiju Dharmajan and mastered by Ty Degroff of "The Final Sound". The album cover features photograph by Thulasi Kakkat.

Artwork: Rhapsody Of Rains

Kaav Rhapsody Of Rains 2012

Tracklist: Rhapsody Of Rains
Fears Mysteries
Rhapsody Of Rains
Tripping Shanthi

Kaav comprised of Syam N Pai on Guitars, Shabeer P Ali on Bass & Arun S Kumar on Drums is highly rated band who has emerged as a force to be reckoned with their self titled E.P Kaav, 2010. This E.P was voted as the best E.P of the year 2010 by online indie music magazine indiecison ( and had received raving reviews in various leading national newspapers and other medium. The Song "Daya" was also featured in Coldplay’s website.

As pre-empt to the album launch, the first single "Thee" hit the air waves in April and the music video was also released on YouTube. The video is a tribute to the Avant Grande film maker John Abraham's cult Malayalam movie "Amma Ariyan".

Note: FX (Voice-over) on "Thee" taken from the Malayalam movie "Amma Ariyaan" by John Abraham, FX (Pandi Melam) on "Kalichan" taken from live recording of Pandi Melam by Peruvanam Kuttan Marar and group at Trissur Pooram.

]]> (Pravin) Latest News Sun, 17 Jun 2012 06:46:26 +0000
Kaav Releases Music Video For Single Thee

Kaav Thee_Music_Video

Instrumental band KAAV from Vypin Island, Kochi have come up with a music video for their single THEE which comes from their upcoming debut album RHAPSODY OF RAINS. Check out the music video below!

You can also log on to KAAV's or COCHYM's official website to download the bands new single THEE.

THEE which means "Fire" in Malayalam is a song that represents the inner fire or the inner strength of the humans that gets unleashed in different ways.

Original B/W film footage used in the music video is taken from experimental documentary film called AMMA ARIYAN (Malayalam ,1986, Odessa Collective) by the late legendary avant-garde film maker John Abraham.

Camera – Prashanth Chandran (Gulfu)
Production Control - Sudeep M. N
Production Assistant - Rajan S
Editing - Syam N Pai
Concept - Sandeep Venugopalan and Syam N Pai
Music Production & Mixing - Baiju Dharmajan
Recorded - Liquid Music Studio
Engineered by - Robin Thomas
Mastered by - Ty DeGroff of "The Final Sound".

For more information, visit KAAV's FaceBook page.


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