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Interview With Funeral in Heaven(Sri Lanka)

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IMR: Hails FUNERAL IN HEAVEN! Let us begin with a discussion of how the band was originally incepted and is there any key evolutions in the band since the early days? Also, you guys seem to be more influenced by Sri Lankan traditional and historical background then why is the band named in English instead of your mother-tongue?
Ayubo Pravin! FUNERAL IN HEAVEN was initiated back in 2003 by me and a few other colleagues who at that time shared an interest towards morbid and esoteric material. This included an interest towards the music genre Black Metal, at its purest form. Yes, there have been some key evolutions in the band’s history since the day it was conceived as in the early days, finding members who had musical and technological knowledge as we do now, was almost impossible. The evolution factor also reflects on the fact that we encourage experimentation within the unit by not sticking to one formula. The band name reflects the survival situation here in Sri Lanka compared to what it was or might have been as written in our historical chronicles. If we would’ve found a better way to express that we are in fact, witnessing a funeral, in heaven, in our own mother tongue, we would definitely have. So we just resorted to naming the project as mentioned above.

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