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Headbanger's Kitchen Releases New Episode Featuring Horror Metal Band Albatross

Headbangers Kitchen_Episode_9

Heavy Metal cooking show Headbanger's Kitchen hosted by DEMONIC RESURRECTION frontman Demonstealer releases a new episode featuring Horror Metal band ALBATROSS.The show, features the creation of a dish called "Uncle Sunny's Mac & Cheese" based on the latest single released by the band called UNCLE SUNNY AT THE TAVERN. The band was grilled (no pun intended) about their new EP, international collaborations with Andy LaRocque (DEATH/KING DIAMOND) and Niklas Stalvind (WOLF) and their love for Old-School Metal.


Albatross/Vestal Claret-Kissing Flies/Black Priest(E.P)

ALBATROSS are back! Barely a year after the kickass DINNER IS YOU(E.P), the five men Heavy/Horror Metal act from Mumbai, Maharashtra have something new to offer - KISSING FLIES, another E.P (hurray! for that). The record is being released in the form of a split with VESTAL CLARET, an US-based Occult Heavy Metal act by a fairly young & independent ROADCREW RECORDS (did I mention ALBATROSS are no longer under DEMONSTEALER RECORDS?).


Gig Alert: Guitar.Inc Is Back With Wither 2012

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Wither 2012

GUITAR.INC is proud to announce the album launch for a band that will not only entertain you but also send shivers down your spine - ALBATROSS. After Chennai and Bangalore, ALBATROSS is proud to launch their second E.P- THE KISSING FLIES as part of their nationwide tour in their very own city. Watch them take the stage with their favourite bands, as well as special friends who've been part of team ALBATROSS over the years. We're glad that we could be a part of this and help launch this album not only in Mumbai but also in the North East.


Indian Humor Metal Band Workshop Reunites

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Workshop Reunites

India's only Humor Metal/Rock band WORKSHOP fronted by Demonstealer (DEMONIC RESURRECTION) had recently called it quits (read the facebook note: The announcement came shortly after their bass player Riju Dasgupta of Horror Metal act ALBATROSS quit the band. The band has now announced their comeback gig on 8th January 2012 at the BlueFrog club in Mumbai. However no mention has been made of who the new bass player or lead guitarist is. Devesh Dayal from GODDESS GAGGED was last seen filling in the lead guitar spot in the band.


Demonic Resurrection Releases All-Star Concert Footage

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DR Footages

Indian Metal band DEMONIC RESURRECTION  have released 4 pro shot videos from their All-Star Concert held in November. The All-Star Concert was one of the pre-parties held for the Bacardi NH7 Weekender. The All-Star Concert saw a host of vocalists and bass players join the band on stage creating a unique experience for DEMONIC RESURRECTION fans.

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