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Dodsferd-Crushing Your Will To Live

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Am I the last one to know about this solo fucking project then I seriously curse myself for this. For folks like me who are not yet familiar to DODSFERD, it is a solo project by Wrath (Nikos Spanakis) spreading his dark wings from the shores of Greece and a true Necro Black Metal band. The Greek mastermind has already released three albums in just two years, the capability to produce quality BLACK METAL and true talent is just incomparable. To put it in short, DODSFERD standard of BLACK METAL is aggressive with blasphemous hatred vocals, thundering drums and evil riffs that is aggressive and dark, which will surely leave you speechless.

CRUSHING YOUR WILL TO LIVE by DODSFERD is basically a crusty misanthropic mayhem with riffs based on full of hate and pain for all the Satanists. The album has ten violent and infectious tracks that would be enough to satiate one's barbarous desires. Every song on the track list demands for multiple listen, therefore it's hard to list one of your favorite from the opus. WRATH's tortured wails are a key feature of the album and he makes sure to convey his message bluntly. The album focuses some creative songwriting abilities of Wrath.

Let’s get on to this MASTERPIECE. The first track is a prelude to the opus with some haunting sound for about 1:13 minutes, pretty irritating. Next comes, HYPOCRITIC SHITFUCKERS STILL BREATHING, one of my personal favorite from the Raw Black Metal genre and also from the opus is a hatred-filled track against mankind with misanthropic lyrics and churning guitar riffs. The vocals here by Wrath are rough and evil. The third and fourth track namely YOU CALLED IT RESURRECTION I CALLED I CALL IT FAIRYTALE FOR HUMAN PARASITES YOU KIND and FAILURE WAS DESCRIBED AS RELIGION AS HERESY has some real sacrificial business done with crushing riffs and thundering drums. I like the beginning to this one, I WAS CHALLENGED TO ENTER THE GATES OF BLASPHEMY, which has more melodic riffs that deeply penetrates accompanied by Wrath’s painful vocals. The sixth track, UNDER A BROKEN CROSS I BURIED YOUR WORLD is a 6 minute track full of sounds of human screams being killed.

STANDING AT THE ASHES OF THE FORSAKEN KINGDOM has more melodic riffs and menacing breakdowns. It contains such a diversified spectrum of musical flavors yet never seems disjointed, flowing smoothly with a steady groove to its final few notes. CRUSHING YOUR WILL TO LIVE, a perfect title track for the album and another most aggressive song which weighs nearly ten minutes starting off with another bit of memorable riffs and solemn guitars. Strong black metal chaos keeps the hatred flowing as the Wrath storms through YOUR DEATH, MY PROPITIATION; I just love the tile of this track. The last track, I KEPT STANDING WITH DISGUST, starts off with a prayer for 0:28 minutes and then the track suddenly blast with evil guitars and manic drumming. Wow, what an appropriate way to end this fucking hell of an album.

The production here is spot with a raw feel which makes the album that much more powerful. The music here directly gets into your blood and elevates hatred through his hateful lyrics. I don’t even remember how many times I went through this hellish release which refuses to exit my unholy soul! Creative musicianship, the catchy evil riffs or complete detest for humanity are some of the highlights of the album. Overall, CRUSHING YOUR WILL TO LIVE is a killer album of well played Raw Black Metal, that makes it a must listen for the creatures of the dark.

BOTTOM LINE: Join the march against mankind! (RECOMMENDED)

Pravin Prajapati(LordMessiah)

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