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Puscifer-Donkey Punch The Night(E.P)

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Things had been dead silent in Camp Keenan for a while now, on all fronts. Even Keenan was not sure if there was going to be a Keenan album, by the end of 2013. And then low and behold the farcically conceptualized outfit that is Puscifer drops a not so farcical EP on us, the sixth record in its kitty since the band’s inception six years back. 


Grandiose Thinking-A New Side Project By Krish(Blind Image)

Grandiose Thinking New Side Project

Krish, the drummer of the Blind Image has formed a super group side project which will feature music director Rahul Bhatt on vocals. Rahul is better known for his debut album Kal that released on Saregama in 2011. The album featured the music video 5 Days Of Facebook that received half a million views soon after its online release. Among other things, he is currently scoring music for an animated series called Ninja Hattori for one of the biggest production houses in Japan - Shin Ei Animation.


Puscifier Releases Man Overboard's Music Video

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Puscifier Man Overboard

MAN OVERBOARD, the new music video from PUSCIFER, the project ringleader Maynard James Keenan describes as TWIN PEAKS IN THE DESERT. The song, which made available via iTunes and other digital service providers on 19th July, comes off the band's new album, CONDITIONS OF MY PAROLE, which is scheduled for release on 18th October via PUSCIFER ENTERTAINMENT.

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