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Split-Counting Perfume

Since more than ten years now, Mumbai-based SPLIT has been in and out of the scene, mastering the stage at live venues. After seven years, when they released their first E.P, P IS FOR PIG in 2008, which was really a compilation of their best live songs, fans wondered when they would get to hear newer material from the band which gets mentioned whenever someone talks about the top independent acts in the country. Finally, we have a full-length album of theirs, produced by the Kiwi producer Zorran Mendonsa who apart from being a previous band member himself, has also worked with GODDESS GAGGED and THEM CLONES as producer.


Split Announces Debut Album Tour Dates & More Details

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Split Debut_Album_2012

Mumbai, Maharashtra based Alternative Rock band SPLIT have finally finished all their duties on the band's most awaited debut album titled COUNTING PERFUME and are pretty much ready to hit the Indian Music scene once again with their debut album laucn which is set to take place on 12th February 2012 at BlueFrog (Mumbai)!

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