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Nazhorn Released Debut Single An Ode To Humanity

Nazhorn An_Ode_To_Humanity

Blackened Death Metal band NAZHORN from New Delhi have come out with their first release, titled AN ODE TO HUMANITY. The band, influenced by the likes of SUFFOCATION, DISSECTION, BEHEMOTH and DYING FETUS, blends Death Metal with traces of Black and Thrash Metal.


Ifty Sarwar Discusses Debut E.P, Black Metal & More!

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Insane Prophecy Ifty Interview IMR

North-East India's Black Metal spearheads, INSANE PROPHECY are the talk of the town again. Since their formation in the year 2008, they have been constantly in the public eye, be it for their revolutionary lyrics or their line-up changes.

With their debut EP, APOGEE OF AN INQUISITION out, the band is hogging huge amounts of cyberspace as well as claiming their place in every metalhead's playlist. So we caught up with Ifty Sarwar to know more about their journey as a band, how they've been witness to the changing music scenario, their philosophy and their much talked Black Metal lyrical themes.

IMR: Hails Ifty! I know, you guys must be really busy with the release of the band’s debut material, isn't it? But before we proceed, I was just curious to know about the Black Metal Krieg II gig that happened at B69?
Ifty Sarwar: Well playing at Black Metal Krieg II was a cool experience. It was our first gig in Mumbai where we got to share the stage with some of the finest Black Metal acts from India and Sri Lanka. We’ve released our debut gig out there and the response was great.


Goatwhore Streaming Another New Track Online

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Goatwhore New_Single_2012

WHEN STEEL AND BONE MEET, a new track from New Orleans, Louisiana's sons of American Blackened Death Metal band GOATWHORE, can be streamed using the SoundCloud page. The track comes off the band's new studio album, BLOOD FOR THE MASTER, which will be released in North America on 14th February via METAL BLADE RECORDS. The CD was once again recorded at MANA RECORDING STUDIOS in St. Petersburg, Florida with producer with Erik Rutan.


Winterus Releases In Carbon Mysticism Recently

Michigan’s emerging Atmospheric Black Metal act WINTERUS is proud to announce the release of its LIFEFORCE RECORDS debut IN CARBON MYSTICISM, out today in the US.  The new album can be purchased online through as a hard copy CD or digital download HERE.   


Panzerchrist-Regiment Ragnarok

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I, first heard PANZERCHRIST on a European Metal podcast in 2008, at that time I didn’t think much of them. When I found that out that I had to review them I wasn’t really expecting much from the band and thought this was going to be dull. But on the contrary this turned out to be a pleasant – oops sorry "Brutal" surprise!


Antim Grahan-Putrefaction Eternity

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I have always heard about the flourishing Death Metal scene in Nepal and was curious to know more about it, on finally getting this opportunity to review ANTIM GRAHAN’s album, The curiosity grew even more on finally hearing the Album all I can say is why hadn’t I heard this earlier? And Where the Hell were they for so long?

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