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Tour Alert: Karnatriix Confirms Russia Tour!

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Karnatriix Russian Tour IMR

Karnatriix, guitarist John Anthony’s vision, are the pioneers of "New-age World Music". More than being just a band, Karnatriix is John’s personal statement by which he aims to collaborate with talented musicians across cultures and genres to create something unique – a fresh sound that is undoubtedly his trademark. The band’s ever-evolving sound was always ahead of its time in its universal appeal, and today registers as ideally in sync with the 21st century’s pan-cultural landscape. The name "Karnatriix" which is a word play, meaning "Aural Trickery", openly defines their music. Mellifluous melodies and sophisticated phrases deep-rooted in Blues music with an Indian Classical Music touch, combined with raw percussion and electronically produced subtle beats, voices and effects, form the core essence of the band’s musical nature.


Anoushka Shankar-Traveller

Anoushka Shankar, daughter of the great sitar maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar, has with her new album given herself a new direction and expanded her horizons. One could argue that music is in her blood and therefore she grasps more attention because of her lineage rather than her music but her experimentation with her genre, especially in TRAVELLER, does to some extent prove that perhaps her intentions are to create an identity for herself rather than step into the shoes of her father. As is the case with many children of established classical musicians, they tend to be overshadowed by the monumental achievements and talent of their parents and cannot properly fill the void that they seem to be confronted with.

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