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Gypsy-Twisted Levity(E.P)

A five piece band consisting of boys of young age twisting your mind to produce some great amalgamation of heavy metal/hard rock/glam metal. ‘Twisted Levity’ is the latest and the first product of their toil and fun. Providing them with the desired platform is ‘Salute Records’ from Sweden. This band has also joined hands with ‘Transcending Obscurity’, for management, re-releasing and touring, one of the oldest yet awesome organisation proving helpful to bands, across the world, since time immemorial. Deriving influence from basic main acts like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Deep Purple and the likes, these young boys are upto some real nomadic yet steady awesomeness. One of the uncommon yet great part of this band is the implementation of Sitar, the Indian Classical instrument, bringing out the best in them.


Dionysus-The Hymn To The Dying (E.P)

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Here's a brilliant Death/Doom Metal outfit from our neighborland, Lahore, Pakistan. Dionysus, who recently came out with a blasting EP, "A Hymn To The Dying", released by the Salute Records, Sweden. Before the release they've released their songs online, through download, by mediafire. A twenty eight minute EP, with five songs in it, has surely left many people spell-bound, all across the world. When I first heard this band, I was blown away by their clean production, beautiful guitar riffs, soothing tunes and monstrous vocals and drums.


Dark Desolation Announces Debut Demo Album Details

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Dark Desolation 2012

After roaring on to the Indian Metal scene in July 2010, DARK DESOLATION from Bangalore, Karnataka known for their brand of Raw Satanic Black Metal have come a long way getting featured on Metal Hammer, UK and playing at some of the most prestigious gigs like Impending Doom II, Black Metal Krieg II, Undergrind, Trivandrum Rock Revolution, Moshpit Concerts - Gathering Storm, Unseen Underground and more. The band will now be releasing their debut demo album titled BLASPHEMOUS PESTILENCE.


Dhishti Inks Deal With Salute Records

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ATMOSPHERIC/DEPRESSIVE BLACK METAL band DHISHTI from Colombo, Sri Lanka has inked the deal with SALUTE RECORDS(Sweden) to release their debut album titled DECEASE. The album will contain 4 tracks including RAGING FLAMES SCORE THE BATTLEFIELD, BLOOD OF THE SINGHALE and FUCK THE IMPERIALIST BASTARDS.The release date of the album is yet to be announced. Further more the official DHISTI T-Shirt is still on the print and those who wish to purchase can call 0775488860 and reserve your COPY!

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