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Chronic Xorn-Death.Destruction.Sermon(E.P)


CHRONIC XORN is a relatively new Metalcore act hailing from Kolkata, West Bengal. The band comprises of a bunch of young talented musicians adding worth to a very particular niche of Metalcore genre with the band’s latest debut offering entitled DEATH.DESTRUCTION.SERMON (E.P) that has been brewing quietly over the past few years, considering our local circuit. To be honest, I never heard about the band in the past, but the moment I came across their material I started cursing myself for not being able to catch the band live on-stage. The band has already established quite a regional following in their local circuit and I hope with their recent effort the band would be able to get more global audience. Also, I agree with the statement that CHRONIC XORN have mentioned in their biography "Mutually Exclusive and Collectively Explosive", yes the band holds that statement sincerely.

Coming onto the E.P, the music played here is really heavy; the whole structure is chaotic and brings nothing less than destruction! This debut is surely worth the listening because it has a lot of different items in the song structure which makes it attractive for most of the Metalcore fans. Mixing a blend of Metalcore and Death Metal with melodic and hardcore inspired elements, the group definitely hits like a ton of bricks. You will also find some Grindcore influences which includes introduction of "pig squeals", so don't be surprised. This means styles and sound changes throughout the disk but the music is quite varied as well. While the band’s sound isn’t wholly unique, it is intelligently written and flawlessly performed. The vocals on this disc are a combination of pitch shifted shrieks, higher end screams and mid range shouts — all fused together to create a deep and rich vocal presence. Not to forget the head banging/moshing guitar riffs with a blend of melodies (Suvam & Anindya) and ear-pounding drums (Tamaghana) which will force every individual to turn up their speakers volumes, so folks let the destruction be loud!

DEATH.DESTRUCTION.SERMON (E.P) starts off with PSYCHIC CATASTROPHE, the opening track which is essentially an intro to the disc with atmospheric keyboards and symphonies adding melancholic feel, but no reason to listen to it again in the future. The silence ends up with the arrival of AFRAID OF THE UNSEEN which I think is probably one of the best tracks musically to start an album as it serves everything what a band has to offer to satiate their fans expectations. The band immediately rolls into a huge riff and then utter chaos results as vocals kicks into the track. The third track, THE FUNERAL SONG starts off with an awesome growl accompanied with more methodical drumming and thick riffs. One of the highlight about this track is the breakdown at 3:05 min and the introduction of pig squeal, man I just loved it. The title track, DEATH.DESTRUCTION.SERMON is just another foreign influenced track with whole lot of breakdowns, but one thing I liked about this track is the clean solo vocals at the latter half of the track, pretty impressive and memorable. NECROPOLIS fades in smoothly with some heavy groove and memorable guitar riffs. The pace is picked up quickly at 1:58 with heavy drums and moshing riffs, simple but crazy enough to drive you insane. The final track, MY LITTLE OBSESSION which is my personal favorite from this stellar debut is one of the most chaotic and aggressive track, so I would say prepare yourself to sprain your neck. The whole band looks pretty tight with their musical skills, but the vocals here is just outstanding. Every time I spin this track forces me to imagine how would be the atmosphere created by the band live on-stage. This one has a perfect head banging and moshing effect which just cannot be denied. I don't give a FUCK what you would call this but I call it as a MOTHERFUCKING end to the material.

One thing what I found sapless about this E.P is its track listing while all are great songs individually, if listened to one after the other. This disc actually took a couple of listens to grow on me, but with each listen I am finding new elements within the music that makes me want to keep it in the disc for a few more spins. The sound production is pretty heavy and distorted than many other Indian albums adding death piercing value to the band’s debut material. The work done by the quintet is pretty admirable and if the band continues to step in this style, they will stand where they deserve. The recording and mastering for the E.P was done by Suvam Moitra, which is pretty admirable. The chaotic vocals, shredding guitar riffs accompanied with powerful drumming found on the disk is plenty of reason enough to pick up this well executed album. If the DEATH.DESTRUCTION.SERMON is any indication, I have nothing but high hopes for their upcoming full-length. All in all DEATH.DESTRUCTION.SERMON is highly urged to be played when you out there with your family at some events/gathering...hehehe!

Bottom Line: DEATH.DESTRUCTION.SERMON (E.P) is a straight-forward Metalcore debut which cannot be ABNEGATED! (Recommended)

Pravin Prajapati(LordMessiah)

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