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The Ark Of Gemini

Our album basically tries to show how the past and the future are on a collision course in today's world, which results in an extremely difficult 'present' for all of


The Album and the Artwork

Our album basically tries to show how the past and the future are on a collision course in today's world, which results in an extremely difficult 'present' for all of us. Nowhere on the planet can you see this melding of different time periods more than in India and this 'union' and it's consequences is what inspired the album artwork and some of the album's lyrical themes.

When we wrote the music and lyrics for the album we noticed that there was a 'past vs future, old vs new' kind of theme going. Gemini in this context represents the past and the future while according to another school of thought it also represents two sides that are constantly at odds with each other, very much like the state of the world nowadays. The album represents the way we look at the world. It's basically a very sarcastic tirade on a lot of subjects like religion, society, greed, the lust for power, corruption etc.

The Songs

  1. Sphere VII - This is loosely based around Dante's Inferno and the nine circles of hell. For some reason I always envisioned Earth to be situated somewhere at the centre of the seventh circle hence the title of the song. And at the rate mankind is 'progressing' we might reach circle number nine sooner rather than later.
  2. Order Of The DNA - This is a sci-fi-ish concept about how our DNA strands are actually an extra terrestrial life form that has subconsciously enslaved us while draining the planet of it's resources.
  3. Heretic Supreme - This song is about someone who does away with the religious tenets he was brought up with and attains self fulfillment by becoming one with the universe.
  4. Tower Of Illusions - This is based on the ancient Mayan/Aztec civilizations who despite their obvious mathematical and astrological brilliance were still a race steeped in superstition and regularly conducted human sacrifices to appease their 'gods' in hopes that they will be protected from 'evil'. In spite of all their ingenuity in numerous fields they still fall victim to the planets natural forces due to the very superstitions they adhere to.
  5. The Revenant - This song is inspired by the movie Gladiator and how one man fought against all odds to emerge triumphant. In another sense it's our way of telling people that no matter how difficult things might seem at times, as long as we persevere and fight the good fight, we will come out stronger in the end.
  6. Vulcan - This is about the Roman god Vulcan. The god of fire and armaments. In a nutshell it could be seen as an ode to him since he is probably one of the more overlooked gods in Roman mythology, yet is also one of the most fascinating.
  7. Trident - This is about the three 'paths' in life. Regular society follows the right hand path where everyone has to conform to certain norms whether they like it or not while certain other people choose to follow the left hand path where they make their own choices in life which are looked down upon by the rest of society in general, while the middle path represents the absolute truth which both sides are striving to attain.
  8. Liquid Grave - This song is about how our planet will eventually return to it's watery state due to mankind's ignorance and foolishness. While humanity continues to plunder and devastate the very planet that gives it life, the earth will soon reclaim it's innocence and do away with all life and once again start a new.
  9. In The Presence Of Eternity - This is a small beautiful introspective instrumental about how tiny we really are in the grand scheme of things and rather than be humbled by how small we are in the vast infinity of space we see ourselves as the be all and end all of all things. Such a pity.
  10. Cover Art::

The Ark Of Gemini

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