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Susmit Sen-Depths Of The Ocean

One thing very noticeable about INDIAN OCEAN is the extremity of its fans. The fans who love them absolutely worship the band, while those who don’t will not be found changing sides. There is a certain ‘feel’ that is associated to INDIAN OCEAN, something that was missing in popular Indian music before, something that they brought to our notice, and that they have continued doing all these years. You cannot be unsure of whether you like INDIAN OCEAN “sometimes” or only on “some of their songs”. Once an INDIAN OCEAN fan is always a fan. And even when you’re a fan, it takes time getting used to and liking their sound, but you eventually do. It is important to start this review with India’s oldest and probably only Fusion Rock band, because that is where it began, after all, for its lead guitarist Susmit Sen, as he adds another feather to his cap with his debut solo effort DEPTHS OF THE OCEAN.

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