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Gig Alert: CounterCulture Presents Feel Good Rock Band-Solder

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Solder CounterCulture_2012_IMR

Every once in a while, for every six metal-heads, four indie-rockers, three punk-rockers and eight odd nu-age maniacs will come a band that will be fired by the traditions of Classic Rock and feel the burning need to restore the screaming guitar licks and reverb laden drum sound of the 60's and 70's to their former glory. SOLDER from Bangalore, Karnataka is decidedly this kind of band. Bringing in layers of vocal harmony over textured guitars gives them their signature sound. While being rooted in Classic Rock traditions every once in a while they do foray into what they call ‘modern indie’ sounds as well. And that’s what makes their sound a mélange of the old and new.

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