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Interview With Chronic Xorn(Sunny Xorn)

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IMR: Greetings Sunny, great to have a talk with you guys. Anyways, for my first question, can you give a short back story of the band for those who are not familiar with CHRONIC XORN?
Hi! Well it’s a question which we would love to answer; CHRONIC XORN began their journey in the late 2007 with a dream of making good music and conveying it to others. Since then, we have evolved ourselves and thus the sound of the band to satisfy our tastes and come up with something which is up to our satisfactory mark. The band began with a whole different set of musicians which included Sunny, Abhinav, Anindya, Jeet, Tamaghna and Soumyabrata.  Time played its games and made some of the founder members to leave the band. We consider ourselves lucky enough to have got a good bassist in Angshuman who succeeded Jeet. Anindya was later on replaced by Suvam on guitars. Then Abhinav had to leave the band after a while due to some unavoidable circumstances and now we have our good old friend Anindya back in the band replacing Abhinav on guitars. It is a line up which we are very happy with and is quite a stable one; includes – Sunny, Suvam, Anindya, Angshuman, Tamaghna and Soumyabrata. We have seen the toughest of times as well as our share of the purple patch. The band has had lots of gigs and lot more fun playing together which we hope never ends.

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