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Sky Rabbit-Sky Rabbit

Electro-rockers SKY RABBIT from Mumbai, Maharashtra sure are a bunch of cool lads. Simplicity and class reeks off their second full length self-titled album, and they come across not as amateur music makers trying to find their own sound, but as a group of confident and talented musicians who have not only discovered their sound, but are also accomplished to a certain extent in taking it to the next level – which is producing an album that is great to listen to, and fun to keep humming away.


Keshav Dhar Issues Skyharbor Updates Online

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Skyharbor Update

Keshav Dhar of Ambient/Progressive Metal band SKYHARBOR issued the following update on his FaceBook page today:
Hey guys!

It's been a while since there's been any clear announcements regarding what's going on in the SKYHARBOR camp, and I figured it's time we put the details out there!


Interview: Keshav Dhar(Skyharbor)

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SkyharborKeshavDharSo what’s cooking in the underground metal scene for this month? We can count on the much anticipated album release by Delhi-based SKYHARBOR, the brainchild of Keshav Dhar to whip up some hardcore djent which borders on Ambient and Experimental Metal. It features appearances by Marty Friedman (Ex-MEGADETH), Daniel Tompkins (TESSERACT, HAJI'S KITCHEN, FIRST SIGNS OF FROST), Sunneith Revankar (BHAYANAK MAUT) besides many others, which would be announced soon. Judging by the demos distributed by SKYHARBOR on, what lies ahead in the album is set to be a class apart. This is Keshav himself sharing his experiences.(Photo Courtesy: Siddhartha Menon)


The Mezz: A Tribute


Yesterday evening as I was walking down New Friends Colony, I saw that the sign board for The Mezz a pub in that area and a regular venue for Metal gigs was missing ,I asked the waiter who was standing outside Daawat Khaana (the restaurant opposite to the mezz which was in collaboration) what happened, to which he replied that it has closed, I enquired till when, to which he said forever. On this hearing this I was shocked, as now one of the premier joints for metal and the place which had pretty much introduced me to the scene was now over.

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