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Disfiguring The Goddess-Circle Of Nine

Death Metal has really changed from what it was. Until today Death Metal was always something that was meant to be raw and thus had raw production. If you look at the Death Metal of the 80’s and 90’s, you would find this trait in almost every band, be it the really old "Doom" influenced bands like AUTOPSY(who have come up with a new album I believe) and ASPHYX to the faster, more popular bands like CANNIBAL CORPSE and SUFFOCATION. Today however a certain part of Death Metal seems to be going for the really slick, sonically rich production with bands likes THE FACELESS and our very own EXHUMATION, although I do find this a little to adapt to at times as this is something I am not used to, I do enjoy this genre and both THE FACELESS and EXHUMATION are two of my favourite bands, and now so is DISFIGURING THE GODDESS.


Halahkuh Releases New Single Brimstone Beckoning Online


Pune, Maharashtra based Thrash/Groove Metal band HALAHKUH finally after a long wait have released their second single titled BRIMSTONE BECKONING online. Go CHEGGIT!

Band Members:
Vocals - Rahul
Lead Guitar- Sarvesh
Rhythm Guitar- Shubhro
Bass - Prakhar
Drums/ Percussions - Bappi

HALAHKUH draws their major musical influences from bands like PANTERA, SLAYER, MESHUGGAH, LAMB OF GOD, OPETH, SEPULTURA and the likes.

For more information, visit HALAHKUH's FaceBook page.        

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