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Interview With The "Multi-Talented" Artist: Vidyadhar Bhave

Vidyadhar Bhave Interview IMR

An enigmatic fusion of with soothing Indian Classical and spine chilling Hard Rock...that’s Vidyadhar Bhave for you guys! Besides a Singer, Lyricist, Music Director with a diverse music taste such as Classical, Hard Rock, Sufi, Electronica etc, he is also a Six Sigma Black Belt (Manager Business Process Excellence). Currently he is all set to release two albums so we caught up with him and discussed what’s about to hit the charts.


Agnostic-Morbid Embracement

One of the North-Eastern band that I would love to hear, is AGNOSTIC. Formed in the late 2009, a five piece Death Metal act, came out with their recent release MORBID EMBRACEMENT. I haven’t heard much by them, though now, I think I have become a regular listener to them. A very no-nonsense Death Metal band, from Guwahati, Assam. I had a chance to talk with the manager of the band, Anish Bhattacharya, who gave me a clear motive and insight of the band. They have been mainly influenced by DEICIDE, VADER and CANNIBAL CORPSE. And they have won various competitions in Assam and also, played in Hornbill National Rock Contest (2011). Recently they would be playing in a large scale Underground Metal fest in Bangalore, Undergrind, alongside Singapore grind masters, WORMROT. Like all other bands, they wish to play in Wacken Open Air someday.

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