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Interview-Deeptaroop Basu(Ex-SINFUL OATH & Ex-KRIPA)

He has drummed his way into the Metal scene and established himself pretty firmly in the music industry. Deeptaroop Basu has played for bands such as SINFUL OATH and KRIPA, both highly successful in propagating Metal Music among the masses. IndianMusicRevolution caught up with him in a candid chat over Facebook.


Sonata Arctica-The Days of Grays

Almost sixteen years into their musical career, Finnish Power Metal band SONATA ARCTICA continues to impress fans worldwide who have an ear for this elder-brother genre of Metal music. Blending elements of Gothic Music, 80s Glam, Power and Progressive Rock together, they present a type of music which is very attractive to listen to. They have six studio albums under their belts, each more mature than the previous one, with their musical style transforming over time and albums.


SixthVeda Releases New Single Bhalobashi

Alternative/Hindi Rock band SIXTHVEDA from Kolkata, West Bengal are recently out with their new composition titled BHALOBASHI on their Reverbnation page.


Illdisposed-There Is Light(But It's Not For Me)

Melodic Death Metal was probably the first modern genre of Metal that I got into, well unless you consider KORN and LIMP BIZKIT to be real Metal. Me and my friend were really into this genre in college, bands like ARCH ENEMY and IN FLAMES really appealed to us because they were quite accessible unlike the more extreme forms of Metal which we did not understand at that point of time, because of this we started valuing everything that came out from Europe while dissing their American counterparts. We even thought CALIBAN was kickass just because it was from Europe but the fact is it wasn’t even Melo-Death it was Metalcore!. This fascination had reached its peak when we had seen FREAK KITCHEN at Great Indian Rock and my friend said “Yeh Swedish log funk bajaate hain toh bhi phaad hota hai yeh guitar ke saath paida honte hain kya?”(These Swedish even if they play Funk its awesome are these guys born with a guitar or what?) Looking back I really miss those days and ILLDISPOSED while not being a perfect album reminded of the good times we shared.

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