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In Mourning Posted First The Weight Of Oceans Webisode

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In Mourning_Webisode_2012

The first in a series of video clips featuring behind-the-scenes footage from the recording sessions for THE WEIGHT OF OCEANS, the third full-length album from Swedish Progressive Death Metal act IN MOURNING, can be seen below. This clip focuses on the Christian Netzell's drum-recording sessions at the BLACK LOUNGE/ABYSS STUDIOS in August 2011.


Ogen Reveals Black Metal Unbound(E.P) Details

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Italian Avantgarde Black Metal project OGEN will release its debut EP, BLACK METAL UNBOUND in the spring via KOLONY RECORDS. The CD is currently being recorded at ELFO STUDIO in Italy with producer Daniele Mandelli(FORGOTTEN TOMB, DARK HORIZON). It features a guest appearance by Be'Lakor lead singer George Kosmas in the song SHATTERED EARTH VULCANO.


Chain Reaction Releases Twinge's Video

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Thrash/Groove Metal band CHAIN REACTION from Poland releases their third official music video for the song TWINGE off the album CUTTHROAT MELODIES on the 7th of Feb 2011. Directed and produced by Bad Pixel, the music video features the band, fights and girls.

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