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Niladri Kumar-Priority

We are in a time where experimentation in music is the thing, where cross-country genres are being dabbled with, together in the same bowl, and “fusion” as a term is gaining more and more meaning. Ten years previously, you wouldn’t have thought of playing a sitar alongside a DJ scratching away on his turntable, while manipulating the crossfader on his mixer. Even if you would have, you would have met with a lot of raised eyebrows from peers. In the midst of all this, Niladri Kumar, the 37-year old sitar prodigy, who is already a famous name in the Classical Music and Indian Fusion circuit for his unparalleled talent on the sitar, and also for the invention of the ‘zitar’, blends the magic of Indian Classical instruments with new-age sound and churns out a beauty of an album PRIORITY, which is pure auditory bliss. Call the genre Indian Classical, Instrumental, Ambient, Lounge, Experimental or all of them together, it doesn’t matter. This multi-award winning maestro has to be heard and seen to be believed.

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