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Band: Spook
Album: Underwaterseabird(E.P)
Genre: Alternative Rock
Lyrical Themes: N/A
Country: Mumbai, India
Year: 2010
Format: E.P
Record Label: Unsigned


Spook Underwaterseabird Download

The Way
3 Screwdrivers And A White Bikini
Now Imagine
Winter Rain
Funky Monkey





SPOOK is an Alternative/Pop Rock act based in Mumbai. The band comprises of Akshay Deodhar (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Zain Calcuttawala (Drums/Percussion), Clavell Santiago (Violin), Anis Gandhi (Keyboard) and Sonam Lama (Bass/Vocals). The sound of the band, I must strongly point out, is very versatile. A listener is bound to look back and doubt as to whether he/she is actually listening to the same band throughout the length of the EP. The influences cited by the band are apparent in the music they make. There have been many times when I felt that the band struck very close to the GOO GOO DOLLS. Violin layers are gracefully laid out in the background of every track.

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