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Joshish Out With New Single Titled 'Ho Subah'

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Ho Subah Joshish Artwork

Joshish released another single called "Ho Subah" on 8th February 2013, which is the newfangled version of their first ever release back in 2007. Considering the response and the demand for the song, they decided to give it away for 'free download'. This is the third single from the upcoming album.



Joshish Betukay Single

After hitting the right chords on stage, JOSHISH is all set to take the studio track with their new release, BETUKAY. The five year old Progressive/Experimental Rock band from Bhopal, consisting of  Sameer Rahat- Bass, Lead Vocals; Shwetang Shankar- Drums, Backup Vocals; Shatarchi Hundet- Lead Guitars; Amit Mishra- Studio/Guitars; and Samar Mehdi- Guitars/Keyboards and Vocals,  has earned itself quite a following with their stage acts. But what has got their followers wondering is whether they will be able to convert their energy on stage to the recording studio. BETUKAY  is the answer – Yes, they can!

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