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Dualist Inquiry-Doppelganger

The colourful artwork to Dualist Inquiry’s debut album Doppelganger is very interesting. You can make out vivid party lights and crackers bathed in a very dreamy, psychedelic background. Sets the mood for the album, which has all of this and more.


John Launches Joi Barua's New Single And Music Video 'Pitol Soku'

John Abraham Joi Barua Single

Joi Barua renowned singer, musician and vocalist of the band Joi has released his new single Pitol Soku (Brass Eyes) in Mumbai, India on 20th June 2013. The single ‘Pitol Soku’ is for free download on Joi Barua’s official Reverbnation page. Watch ‘Pitol Soku’s’ music video below! 


Sounds Of Isha-Alai(Wave Of Bliss)

Prelude: For those who don't know, Sounds Of Isha is the home band of the Isha Foundation, you can get more info here


PlanetRadiocity Launches Mobile App

Planet Radio City Mobile App

India’s first web radio portal takes on a new platform by launching mobile app ‘PlanetRadiocity’. The app features web stream ‘Radio City Freedom’ along with Radio City humour capsules like ‘Babber Sher’, exclusive videos and interviews.


Radio City Freedom Awards Encourages Fresh Talent

Machas With Attitude Vishal Shekhar

The first of its kind Radio City Freedom Awards has been a platform to recognize and reward independent music across genres and languages. The recently concluded grand finale introduced the country to the untapped talent & young musicians creating independent music.


Swarathma And Dualist Inquiry Launch New Song With Nation-Wide Tour

Swarathma Dualist Inquiry India Tour

Swarathma and Dualist Inquiry are embarking on a nation-wide tour to launch the new single “Naane Daari (Remix)”. Featuring the unlikely combination of colourful folk rock and edgy electronica, the song is a high energy dubstep reinterpretation of the track originally featured on Topiwalleh the second studio album released by Swarathma in May 2012.


Crystal Ball Signs With Massare Records

Crystal Ball Massacre Records

Swiss hard rock legends Crystal Ball have signed with Massacre Records!     


International Day Of Slayer Becomes Yearly Holiday

Slayer Band International Holiday

In the wake of Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman's death, the directors of the International Day of Slayer -- the Slayer-centric holiday that sprang to life on 6/6/06 -- announce a change in the status the celebration of this year's version of "the world's first heavy metal holiday."

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