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Dark Project - Interview


IMR : Hello "DARK PROJECT”, good to see you guys still in the music scene. How are the things at your campaign?
Well the   movement is a little dormant now as in everyone is a little busy mending their fences when it comes to personal academic careers. But as they say there is always “Silence before the storm”, so just waiting in the back to make that leap.

IMR : Why is the name "DARK PROJECT”, describe the name in your own words. Any other names you people had come across?
Dark Project was derived from Dark Faith initially which Sudipto( Lead Vox) had come across, reason being that he and his school buddy  Sauvik (guitars) ,thought that they found solace in tragedy. It does not refer to being “sadists” but rather it has  to do with the energy they used to derive from pain for writing their initial material.

IMR :Things started off with just a handful of instruments at the nascent stage? How did things come your way?
Well they say “Necessity is the mother of invention”. It applies aptly in our case. We were a bunch of college goers and with all the money for the hunger in the belly, there was not much left for to spend on instruments after you digested the rest. So we decided to turn our gizmo dreams into reality by ourselves. We got hold of this guy called Rakesh who was keen on fulfilling his dreams in electronics despite being a Bio Tech engineer from IIT KGP. We got this bread board and a couple of ICs to build the whole setup for this Gyro epic, for a meager 140 bucks (that saved the money for our donuts). We recorded our entire album using that. We glad to say that the things have changed now.

IMR :What made you choose alternative rock as your music genre?
We never choose it, it chose us. It’s basically to do with the genre of music we guys have been eating as a part of our daily diet. The other reason is that there were no such acts from India playing this kind of music.

IMR : When did you guys stepped down performing live for the very first time at Haldia Institute of Technology, how was the feeling.  Any special moment that you would like to share?
Well HIT was the college where Sudipto hailed from. Being very youthful and popular with his solo acts, the authorities invited DP to put on a show on the final day of the annual college fest in March 2005 as an opening act to Parikrama. This was a special show for us as each band member was putting their first joint effort into this venture. It was commented as one of the best acts the college had ever seen from an amateur band perspective. It gave us the zeal that we could even rock the stage after being reasonably popular with our singles.

IMR : How do you people manage to jam together as every band member belongs to some or the other place?
Yes the biggest pain has been the geographical distance that we people have between us. Now that Sudipto is working in Bangalore, it becomes a little tricky for us to come together for a jam. But we believe “where there is a will there is a way”. Ugyal (guitars) and Sauvik sit together to put their efforts for our latest offering and thank god! We have IT to the rescue.  For live jamming we all make sure that we are together at regular intervals to synchronize our efforts which we would otherwise do alone.

IMR : List down some of your Indian and Foreign influences? Which was the first ever song that you people covered?
We have always made a conscious effort to sound alternative as well as progressive to a certain extent. That way bands like Opeth and Dream Theater form the basic sources of influence for us. Along with these we would dig most of the songs by Incubus, RATM and etc (etc set should occupy all other acts that we listen to which almost covers everything that’s music).   The first ever song that we covered on stage was the immortal “Smoke on the Water”. But it has been a conscious effort that we play our originals more than we call ourselves a cover band.

IMR : Any other underground bands out there in KGP or in the local area around you, let us know?
Well sure, Kolkata is one city which is coming up with a zillions of acts to cover the horizon. It should be great to find one such act and pass it on to you guys.

IMR : "CHAOS SESSIONS”, can you tell us something about this album in brief?
“Chaos sessions” was named due to the amount of chaos we had put across people’s life, ones who were living in adjacent rooms to Sauvik while recording it.  This album was made with an alternative sound. Recorded within a span of 4 months, all in a hostel room was a memory to cherish. After that the whole album was mixed down all by ourselves. We got decent reviews from various corners. The album took us to become the highest played Indian contemporary English acts by far on We are currently more than 13k plays on last. Responses from different corners of the world have just made it a success for us in our own rights.

IMR : If you will be asked to play music in BOLLYWOOD, what kind of music you will play. Will you meet the people needs with all that booty shaking stuff or be what you are and change them to hear you? (Or you will simply refuse)
Look we believe that a single band can’t play all kinds of genres of music and that way it becomes very difficult for us to put our steps in bollywood as Dark Project, but independent filmmakers who want original stuff in ENGLISH would really be the comfort zone for us. Otherwise maybe a different day, a different name and a different band should be able to make the cut.

IMR : What message you would like to convey to all other underground bands regarding making good music and coming up as a professional band?
What we believe is that there are a handful of acts already in India who are playing hell lot of tight music. What matters on a longer run and on making your memories prevalent is original material. The Indian audience is still a lot influenced by the act of the 80s, though alternative is coming of age here. So a message to those bands out there would be to do something new and creative which is not done before, which we are sure is very much on the way.

IMR :Let us know what original music means. Why is the Indian rock scene behind and do not have a platform even though we have plenty of well deserving bands? Any suggestions?
People tend to confuse original music with self compositions that one comes up with. We believe that original music not only should have a new song to its name but also should be unique which can trade the band’s name along with it. Indian rock scene is behind is true but then it always takes time to adapt to the changes and the amount of finance that’s going in now was like never before for the Indian bands. So maybe we should keep our fingers crossed and appreciate our acts which are truly “Original”.

IMR :What is your future planning as "DARK PROJECT”? Through this entire journey to whom all you would like to give credits for the same?
It’s a long way to go from here. We are in the process of recording our first EP which follows Chaos Sessions. Play shows here in India to a varied audience by giving them a treat of our songs in the next one year  and mostly take it from there to see if we land up on the moon or we are just made of grass and oxygen. Credits are due for our friends, our families and mostly for the perseverance we have in each of us.

IMR :Which Indian band/bands you would like to cover and why? Never seen any Indian band covering other Indian bands. Any reason behind that?
Well we have already played Parikrams’s But it Rained in one of our shows. But as mentioned previously, we are in no mood to sing covers if given a choice. Its all about playing what you have made and to leave a trail with that.

IMR : Most of your songs are freely available for download on your official website. How does that work for promoting your music?
Well yes. Chaos Sessions has been a promotional act in itself. It has worked well for us so far. Site counts going past 66k, play counts on, responses on the website are just the alibi we need. Free download has enabled us to communicate with people who gave us their feeds not only from India but from UK and the US as fans rather than listners. So it really does work when you are new to the scene and you want to spread the noise.

* Team IMR wishes "DARK PROJECT ", good luck for the future and hope that you people soon come up with a new album!!!

-Pravin Prajapati(LordMessiah) 

Avial-Self Titled Debut Album




PRICE :: Rs.157

RATING :: 8/10


    Yeah , you heard it right ! "AVIAL" , is a malyali rock band coming from the southern core of Kerala , Trivandrum(India) . After hearing to all those common english puking bands , i wanted to hear some original music that could easily enter my blood and make me headbang . I asked one of my friend to refer me some new and soul original stuff that i could listen too .

    The first thing which came out from my mouth was "WHAAAAAAT" , when he informed me about "AVIAL" , a regional language based "MALLU ROCK BAND" . In the same manner as you got shocked, even i was after hearing that , but at the same time was much eager to know and hear them what they derived from their regional language with all their experiences .I brought a copy of their recent debut album and i just thought of hitting my ears with the noise of Kearala's shore . All my desperation came of being worth and here is ,what i found about their endless music . If i have to say something about them , i would really be short of words to define about what their music is composed of . They are exceptional, they possess the potential to change the whole music scene and can inspire several other regional bands to achieve their dreams . They made the genre "MALLU ROCK" came into existence , which i think is quite a big achievement for any band . One would really think before starting such a project , but they made things so very easy & clear . So,here's the delicacy and i am sure you gonna love this ! So here is the best eponymous rock album with an blend of all music genres with amalgamation of "INDO WORLD FOLK ROCK",embedded in each of the eight songs ."Politically-aware and ideologically driven", thats how "RAVE" magazine described Malayali rock band "AVIAL". The moment i started listening to them , i was just carried away by their music . I was not able to catch up with their malyali lyrics , so i started digging the meaning on my virtual world ,as it reflected a sense of awareness and were quite intense . The mixing done by the band is just upto the perfection and because they hold their ground only with the music they have even acquired many global listeners too . So, altogether they have come up with a very unique and heavy-hitting sound which will drive you insane .

    To start with the album's journey , i still remeber the first song which i heard about them was "NADA NADA" , a song which every rock listener has to fall in love with . A total hard - rock kind of stuff to headbang and the best part is the video of the song , i am sure everyone might be having it uptil now no need of describing it . "AADU PAMBE" & "ARANDA" are some of the other tracks which are heavy with all those guitar riff's and masterpiece work done on the drums . I really love the way the track "AADU PAMBE" goes with all those up's & down's , the composition & vocal's are just far beyond imagination . Not to forget the center of attraction of the album with two original folk song "CHEKELE" & "ARIKURUKA" , if you like folk music these are just the best one's to enjoy . "NJAN AARA" , is one of my favourite in the album next to "NADA NADA" & "AADU PAMBE". This album is truly self - propelled with creativity through all their journey which makes it unique and outstanding unlike other albums you would have heard before .

    I really appreciate the hardwork done on the composition & music part beacuse this is what will count for the global listeners becauseeven they won't understand what lyrically they want to speak , but their music will make their ears addicted to listen only to"AVIAL". Lastly ,i would even like to thanks "PHAT-PHISH" records for realeasing their debut album by giving them a platform and even making us listen to a very beautiful album . So,do pick a copy to beleive all these lines , i am sure you would scribble more than me praising "AVIAL" . Don't even dare to miss this one !!!

    Will be waiting desperately for the next thunderstorm to arrive .

Bottom line :: There is much more to listen and undrestand than what i have scribbled .


Pravin Prajapati(LordMessiah)


Helga's Fun Castle - Thank You.Come Again










PRICE :: Rs.100

RATING :: 9/10


If you want to sit back and enjoy some real true music amalgamated with entertainment ,here they are "HELGA's FUN CASTLE" with their debut album "THANK YOU . COME AGAIN" released long back in the year 2005 . A very antique band with a very lively and amusing music that would have ever come across.The first time, when i heard about them, i was just quivered by their name . I started google search engine and begin to collect information about the band. Their first impression for me was very bad with all that crapy lyrics title,but the moment i heard their few tracks i was just left with a amused expression on my face . I still remember the first time when i completed listening to the album,i was totally pleased .I started enjoying those lyrics and crazy vocals with extremely groovy drums,which hanged me up to their fanlist.

The band is pretty famous for their insane lyrics and the crazy performance when they step up on the livestage. A band that really enjoys performing live on the stage,this is what i noticed the first time when i went for their gig . The band is pretty confident and has the potential in producing the compositions instantly on the stage . The album has 8 enthusiastic tracks running for about 41 minutes , but won't let you warm your benches...for sure . The album is a finished product of excellent catchy and joyous music with freaky lyrics.

"THANK YOU . COME AGAIN",an insane tour with the album starts off with the track "For Luke",the song immediately processed and dedicated for Channel [V] "Luke Kenny" during the Launch Pad competition. I would say that this song is the USP of the album with extremely enthusiastic vocals,excellent drumwork and killer riffs,which even makes it the most preferable song for the fans. Next comes "Mr. Fancypants",frankly speaking still investigating about this song,i did not get what this song is all about but i really enjoyed the music and the catchy chorus. The third track of the album"Sometimes",a very beautiful solo about expressing his feel for lost love with exceptionally masterpiece guitars,but not a kind of "HFC" song. Yeah! Here comes the song " Lil' Bit Of This" ,a quality pack and charteristic example of their genre . A perfect song wih no disputes . "All Is Lost ", another beautiful solo in the album. The song is just fantastic , i really loved the lyrics and the melodious ending. "Marching Song",this song is based on political issues with thoughtful lyrics,listen what they gotta say . The heaviest track of the album and a major gig favourite,wherever they perform . "Smoke Some Ganja" ,the second last track of the album and the anthem for all the doper's . I don't think i would be able to let you inform anything about this one, even if anybody does'nt know who "HELGA's FUN CASTLE" is ,but they would be familiar with this track for sure. Whenever i come across this song, i just have a question that was the vocalist high while recording the track or not . According to me this song proves,that there is no need for you to sniff grass for getting high ,the music alone can drive you crazy. The last track of the album is the title track "Thank You.Come Again",i really don't know whether this is a song or just recorded while they were chatting . A total freaky track ,i just feel like laughing whenever i remeber this one. Listen to it and let me know what you gotta say about this title track .
"THANK YOU . COME AGAIN",a superb album for all the rock listeners . All the tracks in this album are recorded and mastered beautifully,which makes it more preferable to hear on headphones . Enjoy music with "HELGA's FUN CASTLE" and live life at it's best.
The album allows you to enjoy some real smoky mindfucking crazy songs by "HELGA's FUN CASTLE" . So,people smoke up their music and roll over in the loop.

"HFC Rulzzz" ! " Get high on music 'n' Not on drugs"!!!

Bottom Line :: Paying is more than being worth for this extremely insane album . Let there be noise !!!

Pravin Prajapati(LordMessiah)


Defaced & Split (Compilation)

ALBUM : DEFACED & SPLIT (Compilation)

PRICE : Rs.200

RATING:  8/10


    "DEFACED & SPLIT",is a quartet split CD comprising of 21 tracks featuring death metal bands like  Exhumation,Narsil, Warface and Reptilian Death adding to this are the two bonus tracks by  Infinite Hate Project .Thanks to "DEMONSTEALER RECORDS" for releasing this remarkable and awesome compilation featuring all the extreme metal projects of India ,which will  brutally murder many of the rotting corpses . The time glanced at the album cover art ,i was so much fascinated that i pasted it's print-out on my walls. Hats off the work done on the album art , even if one is not a metal-head he would add this one into his collection .

     I read about this blood clotting compilation on the internet and could not give anymore pain to my ass,so i just made a move and brought the compilation home . So, here is my journey through the shade of this incredible album . 

    The march towards the unholy death begins with a Mumbai based based band "EXHUMATION's" E.P called "FOR PERSONAL CONSUMPTION ONLY" , i really liked the name of the E.P . In a very simple language, their title speaks it all .According to the band , "FOR PERSONAL CONSUMPTION ONLY" is "An anecdote of a vegetarian cannibal, an animal lover who craves the flesh of beautiful young women that are charmed by his ways, only to end up on skewers as human sizzlers”. Everbody by now, is familiar to "EXHUMATION's" music,they have been doing it quite well all along . And the same thing you can expect with their recent E.P , the savagely cruel growling vocals, speedy flesh butchering guitars with uinteruppted hitting on drums by the monster makes it a necessity to have it in your blood . The music and composition is damn appreciative ,which makes to be partial with "On the platter” and “The House I Built” . Lyrically,the album is boisterously merry. So, be gluttonous to consume it raw ,all in all the album is “100% Gujarati Brutal Death Metal” as quoted by the band itself .

    The next are the carcinogens arriving from New Delhi with their E.P "CARCINOGENIC" , anybody who would have seen their gig would not go for searching the band history,their core music reflects thier influences. Assaulting the circuits of New Delhi with their relentless death metal music,the band had now moved upto the mainstream level. The E.P has a blend of Death and Grincore metal ,which will lead you to rot in the chamber of lepers,reminding me a bit of the band "BERZERKER"."Carcinogenia",Depletion Of Vital Forces" and to some extent "LUGUBRIOUS"are pretty impressive on the vocals ground ,violent guitars and rapid succession on the drums won't let you stop from bleeding . "NARSIL" stands true with its name and has marked its presence in the Indian Metal Scene.

    Coming onto the third band of the compilation is the "WARFACE",an international band . Musically ,they are good ,but the songwriting and composition are not upto the mark . Just have a respect for music and give them a break . May be next time they can do alot more better .

   There comes the "REPTILIAN DEATH", the god's of deception who has always kept Death Metal alive. "Ghouls of war" and “Grasp of the Anaconda” are my favourites that have been featured in the compilation . The band has always been sure with their  anxiously killer guitars, disease infected vocals and their sound quality which makes them unique in their genre . Musically and lyrically ,the band is pretty destructive and will let you to agonize.

    "INFINITE HATE PROJECT", i think everybody if familiar with their track"Fuck The Sena Masters". They have been  added with two off their bonus tracks in the compilation  . The band is influenced with a grindcore essence . The music reflects excessive degree of brutalism,which can bring ascension of terror in the near future . Beware !!!

    "DEFACED & SPLIT", a must buy compilation that will slay and incinerate numerous metalheads . Pick up a copy and get yourself into the vacant grave.


Bottom Line :: An eviscerated and souldevouring compilation for the lambs of perdition . Pay to die !!!

Pravin Prajapati(LordMessiah)

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