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Susheela Raman-Raise Up

Susheela Raman Raise Up Single Review

When it comes to the confluence of world sounds, Susheela Raman does it like never before! The British-born Tamil singer/ songwriter is widely known and sought after as the one of a kind performer, the amalgamation of an Indian voice with Blues, Rock, and Soul and other western styles. The single RAISE UP is exemplary of just that.


Swarathma-Pyaasi(Video Review)


SWARATHMA, Bangalore based Urban Folk Rock band, recently released its first music video on their song PYAASI meaning ‘thirsty’. The song also features one of India’s best female vocalists, Shubha Mudgal. This video is the first in line of many more for this band that has become a matter of pride for the Indian music scenario. Filmmaker Shekhar Kapoor was the creative consultant for it and it was shot in Rajasthan by Pictureco, a Bangalore based firm.

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