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Mumbai To Play Host To India's First Slayer Tribute

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This 24th September 2011, Mumbai will be playing host to India’s first ever SLAYER tribute gig. This gig is a tribute organized by Mumbai Death/Thrash metal band DEVOID. They will also be joined on stage by members from DEMONIC RESURRECTION, BHAYANAK MAUT, ZYGNEMA, ATMOSFEAR, EXHUMATION and others. The event will also host a screening session of SLAYER videos prior to the gig.


Vincent Pereira: Tribute To The Beast III

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Vincent Pereira was a local Mumbai boy, born on 26th May 1985. He was known for his Gratefulness, Modesty and Musicianship. Till date Vincent is still recognized as a true friend by every musician in Mumbai. He was fondly known as “The Beast” by all. He was a prime member of PRAKALP and played a major role in the band as he kept pushing his band members constantly to be different, in their playing patterns and genre, which no other band had done before. They were the first “Hindi Metal band”. He also played with bands like ATMOSFEAR(Death Metal), PRIMAL RAGE(Thrash Metal), SPIKED CRIB(Black Metal) and also was a part of a Gospel Rock band. He was, and still is a true inspiration to the youth and is a reason why so many of us want to pick up the bass.

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