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Shades Of Retribution Releases New Single Bibhotso

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SOR Bibhotso

SHADES OF RETRIBUTION have released their new single BIBHOSTO on 24th October,2011. It is available for streaming on their Reverbnation and Soundcloud page. The single is from the band’s upcoming 2nd full length album ODHO-POTON (Downfall Of Mankind).The single has been recorded at LUCID RECESS STUDIOS. 


Interview With Sidd Coutto(Tough On Tobacco)

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IMR: Howdy Sidd! How are the things at TOUGH ON TOBACCO's campaign? Could you tell me a little bit about the history of the band? Where did you guys all meet and what brought you together as a collective group?
Sidd Coutto(ToT):
We're a band, not a political party. So we have no campaign. Though, if we did, our slogan would be 'mad o vote?'
The ToT bassist Johan played with me in my first band in Mumbai in 1997. We've been friends ever since. We were in HELGA’s FUN CASTLE from 2004 with drummer Jai Row Kavi, who I first met when he offered to be my roadie in Zero. I met guitarist Gaurav when I helped produce a recording for his band Red Cube, 3 years ago. Guitarist Pozy was a Warren/Zero fan and played in its last line-up.
Helga's and Zero folded up around the same time. And I'd been working on the Tough on Tobacco album (at that point ToT was a two man effort between me and sound engineer/co-producer Hans Dalal). The guys came together to take that material on the road.

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