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An Indian trio playing Instrumental music is not something we get to hear about often. And then, we have KAAV, a band based in Vypin Island, Cochin, that is set to break all notions. Personally, I feel instrumental albums have low attention span, and without vocals, all the attention is paid towards the music, technical and melodic strength, which is a real tough task to accomplish. However, KAAV’s three- track EP quite does make the cut. And, with Baiju Dharmajan on board for the production, it certainly cannot get better.


Arun Kumar(KAAV): Interview

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IMR: Hello Arun! First and foremost thing, I would like to congratulate you guys on behalf of Team IMR for the release of your debut E.P; an album that is sure to catch attention. How does it feel to have accomplished that step in such a short duration of time?
Hi Praveen. Even though the band was formed in 2009, Shyam and Shabeer were making music for a long time. They had already composed tracks like DAYA. After I joined, we could materialize so many creative ideas that were in a stale state without the presence of drums. What I feel is that the E.P is a result of collective experiences we had as musicians in our respective journeys. Yes, we are happy to know that people have accepted KAAV as an Instrumental band. And the E.P would have never become a reality without the support and guidance of Baiju Dharmajan(MOTHERJANE).

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