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30 Seconds To Mars-Love Lust Faith+Dreams

“Love Lust Faith + Dreams” is a concept album, that has been split into 4 segments, Love, Lust, Faith, and Dreams, with an unknown female voice declaring the start to every segment. Love comprises of “Birth” and “Conquistador”, Lust features “Up In The Air”, “City Of Angels”, “The Race”, “End Of All Days”, Faith runs from “Pyres of Varanasi” till “Do or Die”, and last of all stands Dreams with “Convergence”, “Northern Lights”, and “Depuis Le Début”. Spanning over 45 odd minutes, the album’s choral sounds were captured by an ensemble of 25 or so audiences who had gathered for “The Summit”, a convention where fans gather to contribute for the choral parts, a routine which was followed on the previous record “This is War”. This time however the numbers were played down by almost a couple of hundred people. “Up in the Air”, the first single from the album was shared with NASA for the Dragon Spacecraft program, for the crew’s entertainment, making it the first piece of commercial music to be made available in space.

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