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Kaotoxin Records To Release Ad Patres's "Scorn Aesthetics" In September

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Ad Patres Debut Full Length

Kaotoxin Records has set 3rd September as the date on which "Scorn Aesthetics" from French Death Metal band Ad Patres will be released. Not only is Ad Patres releasing one of the most impressive debut full-lengths to date, but as the reports of the band's live performance prowess indicate, the power Ad Patres brings to the stage is incomparable. Most impressive is how drummer/founder and Seth member Alsvid, who has been part of so many prestigious French Black Metal bands in a span of 17 years, has realized such a clear vision for the perfect Death Metal album. Combining songwriting that is catchy and memorable with such speed and intensity is a big part of that accomplishment. Teaming with members and ex-members of Withdrawn and I.O.S.T. that's exactly what you get with Ad Patres's stunning debut. Dark and twisted artwork, as well as a massive production from Gorod's own Bud Studio, make the package complete. Recommended for fans of Suffocation, Severe Torture, Hate Eternal, and Seth.


Frost Despair Unveils Artwork For The God Delusion

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Symphonic Black Metal band FROST DESPAIR revealed the artwork cover of their debut EP, entitled THE GOD DELUSION, a title inspired by Richard Dawkins books. The EP was recorded from March to July in HURRICANE STUDIOS, with the producer Sebastian Carsin (ENTHRONED). FROST DESPAIR frontman, Odommok, shares the following about the new effort: "We started a work with THE GOD DELUSION using elements of different kind of Classic Music and Metal. Our atheistic Metal will be great! Hails!”

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