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Latest News Tue, 28 Feb 2017 14:48:46 +0000 en-gb Reptilian Death-The Dawn Of Consummation And Emergence Reptilian Death-The Dawn Of Consummation And Emergence


When I was asked to review the new Reptilian Death album, I was a bit torn between wildly conflicting thoughts, what to expect from the album and in what terms to review it. As is obvious, Indian metal scene is still infant and need to spend more years still to match up to the global standards, in terms of both creativity and the will to create a sound unique enough to blow the minds of listeners, both Indians and those on the other side of the fence. But I decided to review this album on the same basis I judge other international releases and not how cool it sounds compared to the Indian standards, and honestly, I was a bit disappointed.


My first move was to evaluate the lyrical quality of the album, and all I found were some substandard rambling, just to serve a purpose. Just a lot of random clichéd death metal fare thrown here and there, without any meaning or without any relevance to anything et al. “Now open your scrotum and shower us down. 

With blood, semen and poison.

We drink your seed, your elixir of truth. 

Rancid and fecal, fit for a brute.”- (What does it mean? Does It have any deeper meaning than I comprehend?)


I don’t understand why bands work so hard on that oh so polished sound and don’t work on the lyrics. Maybe because they think no one tries to search for anything worth listening beneath the gruesome and guttural growls the albums of this genre feature.


When I started listening to the songs, I hoped for something new and something which would blow my mind to smithereens (something which the album arts points at, in a very subtle (sic) way). And then there was disappointment. Again!


The first track Prim Evil, is a very stock death metal intro which gives way to a bit more complete Inchoate( oxymoron alert)  featuring some very well done drumming by Sahil Makhija and riffs I have listened to a thousand times. Therein lies the next problems, which is that all the songs have very thin guitar sounds and drum arrangements which are in no way novice, but plainly, very boring. To me almost all the songs sound the same with same diminished guitar riffs and same blast beats with practically zero variations. “Stimulate. Hike. Impel. Tear” is a slightly better track, even the best track of the album along with “O” which also features a guest guitar solo by Daniel Rego. “Emerge, Hatred, Emerge” is the only other song out of the dozen songs, which I can instantly recognize if I was made to listen the album again and name which song was which. All the other songs “Distorted By Bondage, Blood And Bestiality”, “Unnervingly Perverted At The Altar”, “Marvelous Gods - The Apple Of My Eye”and “Patchwork And The Art Of Skinning” follow the standard death metal checklist-

1.Heavy riffs

2.Gory vocals

3.Nonsensical lyrics

4.Blast beats

Nothing more nothing less. 


The album ending track Emergence – The World, Your Playground starts of in a very predictable fashion but ends well, all thanks to a very melodic and opeth’ish guitar solo by Daniel again. But not all’s well that ends well. If I were to award this album a score comparing it with the Indian metal scene, it would have easily scored above 8. But it would have been unfair to the ultimate goals we Indian metal heads are striving for, which is to see an Indian metal band as genre bending and genre defining as Opeth, Death, Lamb Of god were to their respective eras or the to the regions they came from. But sadly we still have a long way to go. Maybe we need to suppress our altruistic nature and start making music which not only serves the purpose of making money but also something which is creative.


]]> (Sushant Dahiya) Album Reviews Thu, 23 May 2013 04:24:49 +0000
Demonic Resurrection Checks In From The Studio

Demonic Resurrection Studio Update 2013

Indian metal veterans have checked in from the studio with the following update on their facebook page. 


"So about 2 weeks ago we wrapped up the drum recording for the new DR album. We've spent the last 2 weeks with Mephisto arranging the keyboards and synth sections on the album. There is some serious orchestration happening here. We used our old faithful KORG Triton LE as well as the new KORG Kronos keyboard. Big thanks to Furtados Music for loaning us the keyboard for the recording". The band also released a photo album on their facebook page with pictures from behind the scenes. 


View the entire photo album here


Keyboard player Mephisto commented further, "Recording this time around was relatively easier as we had already composed most of the parts previously as a scratch for reference. It took us nearly 60 hours over a period of two weeks to orchestrate the songs to the best of our ability. I can't wait to hear the mix. It's going to be epic."


Demonic Resurrection also recently completed 13 years as a band. Their previous album 'The Return To Darkness' was released worldwide on Candlelight Records in 2010. The new album will be their 4th full-length release.

]]> (Pravin) Latest News Tue, 23 Apr 2013 03:29:10 +0000
Demonic Resurrection Launches 'The Unrelenting Design Contest'

Demonic Resurrection Design Contest 2012

Indian Metal veterans Demonic Resurrection have launched "The Unrelenting Design Contest"; a contest where fans will get to submit a design for a new DR t-shirt. The band had two years ago very successfully run a cover contest via their facebook page and has now opened up this contest for their fans who have graphic design skills. 

Details of the contest can be found here

Demonstealer commented, "We've always been a very fan centric band be it having cover contests or getting fans to send their band demos so they could open for us at a gig or having a fan of the month program to reward our most die hard fans. We thought this was a great chance to find new design talent and at the same time give a fan a chance to design our new t-shirt. We really value the work our fans also put in so obviously we've ensured that there is a sufficient prize as well for the winner. I'm excited to see what our fans come up with, I'm positive it will be nothing short of spectacular."

]]> (Pravin) Latest News Tue, 25 Dec 2012 00:00:00 +0000
Heretic Releases Debut Music Video 'Thoughts'

Heretic Thoughts Music Video 2012

Heretic, the Alternative Metal band hailing from Cochin and based out of Bangalore are out with their debut music video "Thoughts" today. The single "Thoughts" comes off from their very first full-length album entitled "World Of Epilogues" which is scheduled to be released on 22nd Decemeber 2012. You can check out the music video below!

The band's material deals with basic human emotions and philosophies, and "Thoughts" talks about the volatility of the human mind juxtaposed with it's profundity. The album is a 9 track journey taking the listener through very real and relatable situations of life. Apart from lyrically and musically profound, Heretic makes for one explosive live act. 

Having played dozens of high profile shows, the band has made a mark for itself in the Indian Metal scene today and promises to up the antein doing so in the coming years.   


]]> (Pravin) Latest News Sat, 15 Dec 2012 00:00:00 +0000
India Gets A New Metal Label; Inks Deal With NWOBHM Legend Savage (UK)

Infestdead Records New Record Label

Unholy Maunder, a popular Indian Metal portal today announced the launch of its new record label, Infestdead Records with a vision to contribute something for the local Metal scene. The first release on the label will be "Sons Of Malice" (2012) by Savage, a NWOBHM band hailing from UK whose songs have been covered by the Metal goliaths Metallica, in the past. Infestdead Records’s first release will be available throughout India only, however the label alleged to have worldwide distributions. The 58 minutes album is Savage’s sixth studio album shaped after a long hiatus of 11 years. Revealing the news, the label AR also said to believe that the album which is to be available by mid-September will give the Indian listeners a unique taste of blues-driven British Heavy Metal. On the other hand band founders Chris Bradley & Andy Dawson are very excited about the contract and hope to play in India in near future.

Artwork-Sons Of Malice

Savage UK NWOBHM Band

Formed way back in 1976, Savage was invited to participate in the seminal compilation album: "scene of the crime," recording two of their compositions. One of these tracks - "Let It Loose" was later covered by Metallica after Lars Ulrich bought the album. Savage released their first album "Loose N Lethal" on Ebony Records in 1983 which was pronounced the best-selling Metal import album in America. Their second album "Hyperactive" received a KKKKK rating from the Heavy Metal bible Kerrang. The other albums – "Holy Wars", "Babylon" and "Xtreme Machine" also opened with rave reviews and were hailed by fans at the live gigs at London. Savage also shared the stage with Metallica and Venom at gigs in Europe. They have played at various festivals including Heavy Oder Was and Wacken.

The album can be pre-ordered by sending an email at:

]]> (Pravin) Latest News Fri, 24 Aug 2012 06:15:04 +0000
Gig Alert: Demonic Resurrection Announces Exclusive London Show

Demonic Resurrection Darkness Over London

Indian Metal veterans Demonic Resurrection are all set to make their debut UK appearance at Bloodstock Festival on the 12th of August on the Sophie Lancaster stage. The band will be following up their performance at the festival with an exclusive show in London at The Unicorn in Camden apt titled "Darkness Over London". Also on the bill for the show are local bands Bloodguard, Karybdis and Phyrexia. The gig is a "free" entry show.

"It's an absolute honor to play Bloodstock Festival and we're really happy that we can follow it up with a gig in London for our fans who could not make it for Bloodstock Festival. We're really grateful to Andy from Bloodguard who put together the London show for us and it's really nice to see how helpful bands in the UK are, in fact Chris (drummer for Cypher16) is driving us to Bloodstock Festival. So we've already seen how welcoming the people in the UK Metal scene are and we can't wait to play there now," commented Demonstealer, frontman of Demonic Resurrection.

]]> (Pravin) Latest News Mon, 06 Aug 2012 06:09:02 +0000
Wired Anxiety To Release Debut E.P, The Eternal Maze Soon!

Wired Anxiety Debut EP 2012

Formed in 2009, Wired Anxiety is a Groove/Heavy Metal band from Mumbai who combine groovy riffs and bass lines with power-packed drumming and deep guttural vocals. The band has been steadily moving along in the Indian Metal scene and have been a part of several prestigious events such as - NYDM Meat Feast, Unchained (2012), Metaclysm (Pune) and several others.

Artwork: The Eternal Maze(E.P)

Wired Anxiety The Eternal Maze

Tracklist: The Eternal Maze(E.P)
Gates Of Deception
Maze Of Misery
Ascent To The Abyss
Fleshbound Bloodhound (ApVocalypse Version)
Shades Of Black

The band has now finished recording their debut offering - "The Eternal Maze" which is set for release in July 2012. The EP revolves around the theme of how humanity has been manipulated and brainwashed through ages by corrupt politicians and corporates by means of religion and media, how we are all caught in an infinite maze and are always searching for purpose of existence with no hope in sight, the only way out of which is to break the walls which holds us down and get over negative emotions to emerge into light.

The E. P has been recorded at Demonic Studios, Mumbai and has been mixed & mastered by Sahil Makhija (The Demonstealer). The artwork for the album has been designed by the bands vocalist - Dheeraj. In addition, the E. P will also feature a special track - "Fleshbound Bloodhound" which will witness guest vocals by Arun Iyer (Devoid), Jimmy Bhore (Zygnema), Sahil Makhija (Demonic Resurrection), Aditya Barve (Gutslit) and Kunal Gonsalvez (Stark Denial).

]]> (Pravin) Latest News Wed, 04 Jul 2012 12:10:39 +0000
Horror Metal Band Albatross Talks About Bangalore Open Air & More!

Albatross Interview BOA IMR 2012

Albatross, the Heavy/Horror Metal band from Mumbai, Maharashtra which was initially a solo project of Riju 'Dr. Hex' Dasgupta, the bassist who wanted to create a healthy fusion between literature and Metal. Later he was joined by his other band mates which led to the birth of Albatross.

The band has already released and E.P, Dinner Is You which was mastered by Swedish producer Andy LaRocque in September 2010. They recently released a split with American Occult Metal band Vestal Claret - The Kissing Flies/Black Priest via Roadcrew Records in 2012. They are one of the bands from India to play at Bangalore Open Air, In fact, they were one of the very first band to be announced by BOA. IndianMusicRevolution was elated to catch hold of the band and have a chat with them regarding BOA and their views towards it.

IMR: Hello Albatross! Glad to catch you guys up before the massive Bangalore Open Air. How are the boys doing currently?
Vignesh: We’re doing great. It has been about 2 months since the album launch, and we are all very happy with the response the new album is getting. We’ve had live shows succeeding the launch and it has honestly been a blast going from the bottom to the top of the country. Chennai and Bangalore were fantastic, our home ground Mumbai was awesome and last but not the least, Guwahati was really kick-ass. So we’re currently back in the jam room rehearsing for our future gigs.

IMR: So what's new coming up from Albatross? Anything you guys planning to release/launch before BOA for the fans?
Dr. Hex: Nah, we're taking a small break now. I'm currently working on a plan for the future, which we shall unleash shortly. But nah...nothing before BOA for sure.

IMR: Any shows you have coming up before BOA?
Dr. Hex: We have a show in Mumbai, which should be announced any day now.

IMR: Is Albatross happy with the promotions of BOA? Do you think BOA would be able to bring an alteration in the Indian Metal scene? What are your personal views on the battle of the bands (a fair chance enough for a big oppurtunity)?
Dr. Hex: I think we can unanimously agree that the promotions have been great. My friends from Australian band Lord, who shared the stage with Iced Earth before this gig told me how much they were looking forward to this show. And sure, if this show becomes an annual property, I see nothing but an alternation in the Indian Heavy Metal circuit. I think any fest which allows you the opportunity to reach Wacken is pretty much worth it. I'm quite curious to know who'll win the battle this is another aspect of the fest which has kept me enthused.

IMR: How's been the fans response about Albatross playing in BOA?
Dr. Hex: We were the first Indian band to be announced, after which I had a lot of congratulatory and adulatory messages pouring in. I think a lot of people are happy because Iced Earth has influenced our music, and sharing the stage with them is truly a dream come true for us.

IMR: What level of personal excitement do you possess with less than one month of BOA?
Vignesh: The excitement is a mixture of thrill, anticipation and a bit of nervousness. It’s a real big honour to play in BOA after all. When we first heard that we got selected, we were pretty surprised. We can’t wait to be on stage at BOA, especially with our friends at Bangalore, who are sharing stage with us and of course – Kreator and Iced Earth.

IMR: What would be the most appealing thing for Albatross in BOA except the presence of mighty Kreator & Iced Earth?
Dr. Hex: Well, this is the first exclusively traditional Metal fest in the it's going to be a thrill even watching the band from an audience POV. All the bands are good friends, and in the words of Vikram Bhat from Dying Embrace - the alcoholocaust will be something to watch out for.

IMR: Do you think the participation of Albatross in BOA means upliftment of the Mumbai Metal scene?
Dr. Hex: Haha, we're not representing Mumbai or anything. We're just coming out there to play Metal and have a blast doing it. But yeah, fests like these are opening doors to the world and we can only imagine better things in the times to follow.

IMR: What can the audience anticipate from Albatross in BOA? Anything special that you guys have planned for the fans?
Vignesh: Well, we are hoping people come early enough to watch us perform as we’re playing pretty early on the day. Apart from that, we are hoping to have a really good time at BOA with everyone present over there.

IMR: Any thank you list?
Dr. Hex: For BOA in particular? As usual we're very thankful to Salman, Nolan, Ganesh, Srikanth, Michael and gang for giving us opportunities on a regular basis to play in Bangalore, allowing us to garner a fanbase there which eventually led us to playing this fest. Also, a big round of thanks to Salman and his team for handling the media aspect of this fest really well. My aching hands from doing all the interviews bear testimony to how much effort he's put into the media/publicity angle.

IMR: What message can we get from Albatross to all the fans and the readers at IndianMusicRevolution?
Vignesh: Listen to the music that you truly believe in, whether it be of any genre. Don’t listen to something just because you want to ape your friends, or belong in some social group. Listen to the type of music that really calls out to your soul \m/.

*Thank you Albatross for your precious time and we wish you good luck for your future and a huge Metal orgy at BOA!

Photo credits: Kushal Das.

]]> (Rupsa Das) Interviews Tue, 22 May 2012 10:32:11 +0000
Demonic Resurrection Completes 12 Years Of Existence And Releases New Video

Demonic Resurrection 12 Years

Veterans of Indian Metal DEMONIC RESURRECTION completes 12 years as a band. Starting out in 2000 as a bunch of 17 year olds the band has come a long way since then with a career spanning over a decade, the band has released 3 albums and an EP. Their career highlights have been many, notably being featured on the Global Metal movie, signing to CANDLELIGHT RECORDS, winning the prestigious Metal Hammer Golden God Award, playing festivals like Inferno and Brutal Assault and most recently confirming for Bloodstock Festival in the UK.

The bands frontman Demonstealer posted a note on facebook about the band completing 12 years which can be read at the following link:

The band also released a new studio instrumental video for the song WHERE DREAMS AND DARKNESS UNITE from their 3rd full-lenth album THE RETURN TO DARKNESS that was released worldwide on CANDLELIGHT RECORDS.

The video can be viewed at:

"We shot two songs as studio instrumentals just after Husain Bandukwala quit a few months back and Ashwin Shriyan joined us on bass and we'd released one of those videos and today felt like the right time to release the second one and so here it is." said Demonstealer on the release of the new video.

The previous studio instrumental video for the track DISMEMBERING THE FALLEN can be viewed at:

]]> (Pravin) Latest News Fri, 06 Apr 2012 08:08:25 +0000
Demonic Resurrection Confirms Appearance At Bloodstock Festival(UK)

Demonic Resurrection Bloodstock 2012

Indian Metal veterans DEMONIC RESURRECTION have confirmed their performance at this years edition of Bloodstock Festival in the UK. The band will be joining an elaborate line-up including the lines of ALICE COOPER, BEHEMOTH, TESTAMENT, DIMMU BORGIR, NILE and many other Metal heavy weights.

“We were gutted last year when our UK tour got cancelled but we're stoked to be coming to the UK finally and playing the prestigious Bloodstock Festival. We've got a lot of support from our fans in the UK and we can't wait to play for them and hang out and get to know them. The icing on the cake is that we get to watch some of our idols like DIMMU BORGIR, NILE and BEHEMOTH at the festival.” commented Demonstealer, frontman of the band.

The band has also released a studio instrumental video for their track DISMEMBERING THE FALLEN from their last album THE RETURN TO DARKNESS that was released worldwide via CANDLELIGHT RECORDS. Watch the video below!

The video features the bands new bass player Ashwin Shriyan who replaced Husain Bandukwala a few weeks ago.


Ashwin's Introduction Video:

Husain's Parting Words video:

]]> (Pravin) Latest News Tue, 28 Feb 2012 08:27:11 +0000