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Dark Desolation Announces Debut Demo Album Details

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Dark Desolation 2012

After roaring on to the Indian Metal scene in July 2010, DARK DESOLATION from Bangalore, Karnataka known for their brand of Raw Satanic Black Metal have come a long way getting featured on Metal Hammer, UK and playing at some of the most prestigious gigs like Impending Doom II, Black Metal Krieg II, Undergrind, Trivandrum Rock Revolution, Moshpit Concerts - Gathering Storm, Unseen Underground and more. The band will now be releasing their debut demo album titled BLASPHEMOUS PESTILENCE.


Demonic Resurrection Fan Funded Video Project Achieves Target Amount In 48 Hours!

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Demonic Resurrection_Pledge_Completed

On Wednesday, 8th February Indian Metal veterans DEMONIC RESURRECTION announced the launch of their first ever fan funded video project. Fans of the band could pledge an amount towards the 100,000 INR target required for the video and in return could pick from various packages like an exclusive preview, email updates, behind the scenes footage, free guitar lesson etc.



A successful relationship between great production and great musicianship is very rare. Even most of the top-league bands mess it up with being too bassy on the albums or transitions being weak. It is not an unknown fact that an album with a strong production value gets more appeal even if there are greater rival albums but with tacky production background. PROVIDENCE is a beaming example of how a bunch of talented musicians grab an equally competent producer/mixing engineer and churn out a winner. The reason I'm stressing on the production value is because the amount of Indian Metal/Rock I have been subjected too lately lacks badly in terms of production value. Bands do have to face financial hurdles when they are in their early stages and access to good studios in developing countries can be a problem, but it is certainly no excuse to let your musical talent be scorned at just because it is not good on the ear. The situation is definitely changing with more and more Indian bands reaching out to better studios (even international) and PROVIDENCE achieves their crisp sound from SKYHARBOR’s acclaimed musician and india’s first "Djentleman" – Keshav Dhar who has mixed/produced their EP.

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