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Interview With Skrypt(Abbas Razvi)

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IMR: Hello Abbas! Thanks for doing this interview with IndianMusicRevolution. Since this is your first interview with us, could you briefly introduce the band and its members? A short history, so to speak, to get our readers up to speed with SKRYPT!
Abbas Razvi(SKRYPT):
Hey. Well SKRYPT was formed when Scenic and Ramya met up with Rajiv and Akhil in December 2006. They started jamming and were looking out for a bassist. I moved to India from New Zealand in May 2007 and by June 2007 Scenic got in touch with me and I was in the band. We played our first gig in July 2007 and things have been getting better since then. After about 3-4 months of being together we won competitions like YOUTHOPIA and CAMPUS ROCK IDOLS(Hyderabad). Been gigging hard since then and have played over 30 gigs now. We have had a couple of lineup changes in the 2nd guitarist department. Our current lineup is – Scenic G: Vocals, Ramya Rao: Guitars, Ravi N: Guitars, Abbas Razvi: Bass, Rajiv Kumar: Drums. Ex-members: Akhil Kodamanchili: Guitars (ALMOST SEPTEMBER) & Joel K: Guitars(WRECKAGE)

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