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Freya Begins Recording New Album

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Freya Recording

FREYA, the Syracuse, New York-based band featuring EARTH CRISIS frontman Karl Buechner, has entered MORE SOUND STUDIOS with producer Jason "Jocko" Randall (THE RED DEATH, IF HOPE DIES) to begin recording its new album, PARAGON OF THE CRUCIBLE, for an early 2012 release. The follow-up to 2010's ALL HAIL THE END will feature lyrics "about how after the cataclysm, people will create new mythologies to explain the post-apocalyptic landscape, dealing a lot with mans ability to live in harmony with the Earth and each other," according to a press release. The CD cover arwork will be handled by the group's guitarist Brendon Flynn.


Pathology Begins Recording New Album

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San Diego's PATHOLOGY has entered LAMBESIS STUDIOS (owned by AS I LAY DYING vocalist Tim Lambesis) in the band's hometown with producer Daniel Castleman (IMPENDING DOOM, AS I LAY DYING, WINDS OF PLAGUE) to begin recording its new album for a fall release. This will be PATHOLOGY's first CD to feature the group's new lineup, including vocalist Jonathan Huber and second guitarist Kevin Schwartz, who have spent time on the road with their new bandmates during recent U.S. and European tours with DEICIDE and OBITUARY.


Wretched Announces New Line-Up Changes


Thrash Metal quintet, WRETCHED has officially announced a U.S. summer tour in support of the anniversary of their sophomore album, BEYOND THE GATE (VICTORY RECORDS), bringing along two industry-veteran replacements to contribute to the band's already superior musicianship; new vocalist, Adam Cody, whose GLASS CASKET performance was an early inspiration to the band, and new bassist, Andrew Grevey, of LOCULUS. Dating back to their jam band days in 2005, WRETCHED have always been celebrated for their Old-School feel and bringing back Metalcore to its purest form.


Pathology Set To Enter Studio Soon


San Diego's PATHOLOGY will enter LAMBESIS STUDIOS in the band's hometown this summer with producer Daniel Castleman (IMPENDING DOOM, AS I LAY DYING, WINDS OF PLAGUE) to begin recording its new album for a fall release.


Emmure Posts Solar Flare Homicide Video

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SOLAR FLARE HOMICIDE, the new video from the New Fairfield, Connecticut- and Queens, New York-based Deathcore act EMMURE, can be viewed BELOW. The song comes off the band's new album entitled SPEAKER OF THE DEAD, which is due on 15th February 2011 through VICTORY RECORDS. The CD was produced by Joey Sturgis, who has previously worked with THE DEVILS WEARS PRADA and BORN OF OSIRIS, among others.


Pathology Announces New Vocalist Jonathan

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Official Press Release:
2010 was a volatile year for San Diego's PATHOLOGY. While it saw the band releasing its VICTORY RECORDS debut, LEGACY OF THE ANCIENTS and doing three tours (alongside NILE, IMMOLATION, VADER, DESTROYER 666), the group was plagued by a rotation of fill-in singers and ultimately a horrible van accident that derailed the band from continuing.

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