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Order Of Heretical Trident Festival 2014

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Initially a group which started out as an enthusiasm of a few vividly energized people having an aficionado for some truly malodorous metal, the name Putrid Ascendancy came into life in the year 2011.  As the name suggests, it upholds the torch of the extreme underground culture in the Eastern Region of India. Their meanest endeavor to provide, not only to their home grounds, but also to the whole India and abroad, the essence of true extreme metal. They have been active all over the social networks and their webzine with innovative interviews and their occasional copies of the various sects of extreme metal essential in download-able format. Their music emblazons with dogmas of various gruesome and somber aspects of life and the culture alike. They came up with Ritual Ascension Fest, I in the year of 2012, one of the finest and one-of-a-kind festival, ever to be organized in Calcutta with some bands set out with a mission to spread the metal adored by the people during 70’s and alike. Shaken by the huge success of their preliminary travail, many people were enthralled to be a part of this movement. Amused by the growing eagerness towards the raw metal militia, they decided to come up with Ritual Ascension Fest, II which was held in January 2014, which was about to bring Bangladesh giants, Nafarmaan, however due to some unpleasant situation, the Bangla warriors were unable to make it, but the Bengal warriors threw their might all over the audience. Possessed by the successes of their past ventures, Putrid Ascendancy wishes to present yet another nasty and disheveling festival, to proclaim their efficacy, valor and domination as true soldiers in November, 2014. 


Underground Chaos Vol. 1

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The Flaming Skull Distributions is proud to announce that we are the official distributors for the Compilation Underground Chaos Vol. 1.
This compilation features 22 bands from Pakistan and you also get a free poster with every order. We have limited copies since this is the first international release that we have procured so order now.


Metal Army

Metal Army
Metal means power, anger, rage and rebellion. Metal means washing your pains away. Metal is hatred. Metal is divine. Metal is Godliness. Metal was always an anthem of the underground. But now as we turn these pages of years the trend seems to have changed. It is still the music for "Weird" people, but the term "weird" has a bit of a different meaning. I say this watching all those Black-T wearing kids that flock every other Metal show in town. Which makes me say that it’s not so “Underground” anymore? Is it? Don’t we all now like to flaunt our favourite band T-Shirts now?

Indian Underground Bands

Underground Bands

No sponsors, No limelight ,No fame and as it follows naturally no or very few people who listen to your songs , well i am not talking about some singer of years who has been all forgotten as it sounds, but i am talking about Indian Underground Bands, who struggle to make some good music that would speak something related to the "Society" or "Life" without earning anything , they are those unrecognised or rather say unfortunate mob who are driven by a passion for music.

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