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Tresspassing Unexplored Territory-Amit Trivedi


Lets face it; Bollywood music is going through a trying period. We have the occasional decent movie out of which again, hardy 1-2 songs qualify to make it to the regular playlist of our iPods. The whole album as such has never really clicked with the audience unless the man behind the music is a certain Mr. Rehman.  The time has come when the people are quite done with the typical romantic musicals where the only picture you can make out from the music would be one of a woman going around a tree in circles. Also, I believe we are pretty much screwing our traditional music, if we go around listening to shit like “Shining in the setting sun, like a pearl upon the ocean” I mean, is Indian music, and the culture so bad?  Can’t we use simple Hindi words and make much deeper music using the resources we have, or do we always have to borrow from the West?

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