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Bedlam Of Cacophony-Neuroleptic

Bedlam: A place or situation of noisy uproar and confusion. Cacophony: The study of Unpleasantness of the sounds of certain sentences and words. Keeping this in mind, I think the band has given their band a perfect name as it aptly describes theirsound; twenty seven minutes of absolute sonic mayhem.


Obscura: Drummer To Release Instructional DVD

OBSCURA drummer Hannes Grossman will release his instructional DVD, "Progressive Concepts For The Modern Metal Drummer". The 2-DVD set features almost four hours of lessons, clips, and live footage of both OBSCURA and NECROPHAGIST and is available for pre-order at HERE along with complete details on the DVD.


Endstille: New Song Available For Free Download

SATANARCHIE, a brand new song from German Black Metal band ENDSTILLE is available for FREE DOWNLOAD at this LOCATION.


Lock Up Reveals New Album Details

Extreme Metal supergroup LOCK UP will release its new album, NECROPOLIS TRANSPARENT, on 1st July 2011 via NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS. The CD was recorded in November-December 2010 at HVR STUDIOS in Ipswich, United Kingdom and was mixed in January.


Archgoat About To Record New LP Soon

Finnish Black Metal band ARCHGOAT will record 5 new hyms of Angelslaying Black Fucking Metal this coming July. The mini album should be released in October this year. More information to follow in the coming weeks.


Scelerata: Checking In From Blind Guardian Studios

As previously reported SCELERATA is working on their third album, which is being partially recorded in Germany at TWILIGHT HALL STUDIOS, studio owned by BLIND GUARDIAN, and being produced by Charlie Bauerfeind (HELLOWEEN, BLIND GUARDIAN, RAGE, SAXON, HALFORD, HAMMERFALL, MOTORHEAD). In April 24th the drummer Francis Cassol and the guitarist Renato Osorio flew to Germany. Check out below a few comments about the recording process. 


Grimfaith Releases New E.P, Hearts and Engines

Playing self-styled 'Marginal Metal', Ukrainian band GRIMFAITH blend a sense of the macabre with dark gothic themes and a dash of humor to great a unique musical experience. The band offers the following greeting to the world in 2011. GRIMFAITH says hi to the world freak community! We are ill natured guys influenced by the Chernobyl magic rays and Carpathian bloody bordellos. Thus we are very strong and passionate and require your worship!"

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